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RESULTS 2008/09

Season 2007/2008 P Won Drew  Lost Pts  For  Pts Against Season 2007/2008 P Won Drew  Lost Pts  For  Pts Against
1st XV 21 9 0 12 346 467 2nd XV 24 6 2 14 387 695
Youth XV 20 14 1 5 341 272 3rd XV 0 0 0 0 0 0

1st XV

Date Opponents Result

Team Selection and Scorers

2nd May Rhyl (L) 26 - 0 N.Perrin: J.Gill: B.O'Malley:  W.Roberts: J.Reano: P.Williams: D.Griffiths: M.Arnold: J.Roberts: R.Chadwick: A.Jones: D.Sissons A.Clutton: A.Wrathall: J.Morris  .....     SCORERS: 
25th April Bethesda (L) 40 - 3 B.O'Malley: N.Perrin: G.Bingham: D.Weston: J.Reano: D.Griffiths: P.Williams: J.Gill: J.Roberts: D.Thomas: W.Gauntlett: W.Roberts: D.McHugh: E.Kaitz: A.Wrathall:   .....  SCORERS: D.Thomas: (1P)
18th April RHYL (L) 40 - 22 I.Sanger: N.Perrin: J.Stott:  P.Williams: J.Reano: K.Powell: R.Pearce: M.Jones: R.Chadwick: J.Roberts: D.Sissons A.Clutton: A.Dawson: A.Wrathall:   ..... W.Roberts: J.Davies: D.Seabrook: K.Simms                                                                                              SCORERS: J.Stott: W.Roberts: R.Chadwick (1T.2C.1DG)
11th April COBRA (L) 59 - 0 I.Sanger: N.Perrin: D.Seabrook: J.Reano: W.Roberts: R.Pearce: P.Williams: M.Jones: J.Roberts: J.Gormley: L.Morris: A.Clutton: J.Davies: A.Wrathall: P.Duggan: ..... D.Weston:  R.Roberts: M.Lewis                                                                                                   SCORERS: 
4th April BRO FFESTINIOG (L) 53 - 11 G.Davies: N.Perrin: G.Bingham: I.Sanger: J.Reano: W.Roberts: P.Williams: D.Griffiths: J.Roberts: J.Morris: L.Morris: A.Clutton: J.Davies: A.Dawson: P.Duggan: ..... D.Seabrook: M.Arnold: J.Gormley:                                                                       SCORERS: A.Dawson: J.Morris (2P)
28th Mar Rhos (W) 21 - 5 N.Perrin: H.Evans: G.Bingham: M.Jones: J.Reano: W.Roberts: P.Williams: D.Griffiths: J.Roberts: R.Chadwick: A.Wrathall: M.Randal: A.Clutton: J.Davies: P.Duggan: ..... G.Davies: M.McLoed: I.Sanger: L.Morris:                                                                       SCORERS: D.Griffiths: M.Jones: Pen Try: R.Chadwick (3C)
7th Mar MACHYNLLETH (W) 28 - 27 G.Davies: N.Perrin: G.Bingham: I.Sanger: J.Reano: W.Roberts: P.Williams: D.Griffiths: J.Roberts: R.Lloyd: A.Wrathall: J.Davies: A.Clutton: L.Morris: P.Duggan:: .....  M.McLoed:    M.Jones: M.Randal: R.Roberts:                                                                                      SCORERS: I.Sanger(3): M.Jones: R.Lloyd (5C.1P)
21st Feb Rhos (L) 6 - 5 N.Perrin: H.Evans: G.Bingham: I.Sanger: J.Reano: K.Harding: K.Powell: D.Griffiths: J.Roberts: R.Lloyd: S.Davies: D.Morris: P.Duggan: L.Morris: A.Wrathall: ......  W.Roberts:    G.Noon: M.Arnold: R.Roberts:                                                                                      SCORERS: H.Evans:
31st Jan Welshpool (W) 12 - 0 N.Perrin: J.Gill: G.Bingham: P.Williams: J.Reano: I.Sanger: K.Powell: D.Griffiths: J.Roberts: D.Cheesbrough: S.Davies: M.Jones: A.Clutton: L.Morris: A.Wrathall: ......   R.Ifans:    M.Arnold:  R.Roberts:                                                                                      SCORERS: A.Wrathall: Pen Try: M.Jones (1C)
24th Jan BANGOR (W) 31 - 3 N.Perrin: J.Gill: G.Bingham: W.Roberts: J.Reano: R.Ifans: M.Jones: D.Griffiths: J.Roberts: D.Cheesbrough: S.Davies: D.Morris: A.Clutton: A.Dawson: L.Morris: ......   J.Parry:    D.Green: M.Arendacz: I.Sanger:                                                                        SCORERS: I.Sanger(2): D.Griffiths: J.Gill: M.Jones (1T, 3C)
17th Dec NEWTOWN (L) 18 - 17 N.Perrin: J.Gill: G.Bingham: I.Sanger: J.Reano: R.Ifans: P.Williams: W.Roberts: J.Roberts: D.Cheesbrough: S.Davies: M.Jones: A.Clutton: A.Dawson: A.Wrathall: ......   M.Arnold: G.Owen: G.Noon:                                                                                                                    SCORERS: I.Sanger(2): W.Roberts:  M.Jones (1C)
6th Dec COBRA (L) 8 - 5 N.Perrin: J.Gill: G.Bingham: I.Sanger: W.Roberts: R.Ifans: K.Powell: M.Jones: J.Roberts: R.Chadwick: A.Wrathall: M.Zaidi: D.Cheesbrough: L.Morris:   A.Clutton: ......   C.Phillips: G.Owen: S.Davies:                                                                                                                    SCORERS: I.Sanger
21st Nov RHYL (W) 15 - 7 G.Davies: J.Gill: G.Bingham: J.Reano: I.Sanger: W.Roberts: K.Powell: D.Sissons: J.Roberts: R.Chadwick: K.Simms: M.Zaidi: A.Clutton: L.Morris: J.Morris: ......   J.Scott: R.Ifans: A.Dawson: K.Morris                                                                                                 SCORERS: R.Ifans: I.Sanger: J.Morris (1C,1P)
1st Nov Bro Ffestiniog (L) 29 - 15 I.Sanger: J.Gill: G.Bingham: J.Parry: M.Jones: W.Roberts: G.Owen: M.Ward: J.Roberts: R.Chadwick: S.Davies: M.Zaidi: A.Clutton: L.Morris: A.Wrathall: ......   M. Arnold: K.Bryan: D.Weston:                                                                                                                      SCORERS: S.Davies (2):  R.Chadwick (1C,1P)
18th Oct RHOS (W) 24 - 5 I.Sanger: J.Gill: N.Perrin: J.Reano: W.Roberts: K.Powell: M.Jones: J.Roberts: R.Chadwick: S.Davies: M.Randell: A.Clutton: L.Morris: A.Wrathall: ......  A.Jones: M.Powell: G.Noon: R.Ifans:                                                                                                                   SCORERS: M.Jones: L.Morris (2): M. Arnold: R.Chadwick (2C):
11th Oct Machynlleth (L) 43 - 17 I.Sanger: J.Gill: N.Perrin: J.Reano: M.Jones: W.Roberts: G.Noon: D.Griffiths: M.Powell: R.Chadwick: S.Davies: J.Roberts: A.Clutton: A.Jones: L.Morris: ...... M. Arnold: R.Roberts: D.Weston:                                                                                                                  SCORERS: M.Jones: G.Noon: M. Arnold: R.Chadwick (2C):
4th Oct WELSHPOOL (W) 43 - 17 I.Sanger: B.Lambswood: N.Perrin: J.Reano: M.Jones: J.Gill: B.Chadwick: D.Griffiths: J.Roberts: R.Chadwick: S.Davies: J.Davies: A.Clutton: L.Morris: J.Morris: ...... J.Stott: R.Ifans: R.Moore: M.Randell:                                                                                                   SCORERS: S.Davies (2): L.Morris(2): J.Davies: A.Clutton: J.Morris (1T.2C.):           R.Chadwick (2C):
27th Sept DERI (L) 19 - 16 I.Sanger: B.Lambswood: N.Perrin: J.Reano: M.Jones: J.Gill: B.Chadwick: D.Griffiths: J.Roberts: R.Chadwick: J.Davies: M.Randell: D.Cheesbrough: L.Morris: A.Clutton: ...... W.Roberts: R.Thatcher: S.Davies.                                                                            SCORERS: I.Sanger: R.Chadwick: (1C.3P)
20th Sept Newtown (W) 24 - 18 R.Thatcher: P.Allen: N.Perrin: J.Reano: M.Jones: W.Roberts: P.Williams: B.Chadwick: D.Griffiths: J.Roberts: J.Morris: A.Wrathall: M.Randell: D.Cheesbrough: L.Morris: A.Clutton: ...... M.Arnold: W.Roberts: B.Lambswood: A.Jones                                           SCORERS: J.Reano: B.Chadwick: D.Griffiths: J.Morris: (3C.1P)   
13th Sept BETHESDA (L) 41 - 3 I.Sanger: J.Gill: N.Perrin: M.McLoed: M.Ward: J.Roberts: B.Chadwick: D.Griffiths: K.Bryan: R.Chadwick: A.Clutton: M.Randell: D.Cheesbrough: L.Morris: A.Wrathall: ...... M.Jones: R.Thatcher: D.Blackwell:                                                                                                      SCORERS:    K.Bryan: (1P)
6th Sept Bangor (W) 32 - 7 I.Sanger: H.lloyd: N.Perrin: M.McLoed: M.Ward: P.Williams: J.Roberts: D.Griffiths: K.Bryan: R.Chadwick: A.Clutton: D.Thomas: D.Cheesbrough: L.Morris: A.Wrathall: ...... I.Roberts: M.Arnold: M.Randell                                                                                                               SCORERS: M.McCloed (2): D.Cheesbrough: A.Clutton: M.Ward: J.Roberts: K.Bryan: (1C)

Youth XV

Date Opponents Result


25th April RHYL (L) 36 - 13

Rhyl Youth’s 36-13 victory over Wrexham Youth in a top of the table contest at Bryn Estyn Road avenged their early season loss to their hosts and they were duly crowned as North Wales Division One Champions.

Wrexham, however, finished their season in second position under head coach Ian Morris, their highest placing for three decades and a just reward for a fine team effort. They competed well with a confident Rhyl side and looked as though they could unsettle the champions when they reached half-time trailing by only 10-14 against the wind.

A surging try by centre Danny Sissons and a conversion and a penalty by outside-half Jamie Morris had kept them firmly in the game against Rhyl’s two converted tries. The pivotal moment came early on in the second-half when referee Rhodri Gravelle failed to spot a forward pass and the visitors were able to score a try that put them two scores in front.

Despite another excellent penalty by Morris when a Rhyl flanker was sin-binned for striking a home player, Wrexham were never able to get on terms again and conceded defeat when Rhyl ran in two late tries with a conversion and a penalty.    

11th April CAERNARFON (W) 22 - 12

Wrexham Youth left it late but remained on track for their best finish to the season for two decades when they defeated a good Caernarfon side at Bryn Estyn Road by 22-12. The visitors opened the scoring with a penalty by outside-half Gruffudd Arfon but were soon overtaken by four successive penalties from Wrexham outside-half Jamie Morris as the home side recovered.

Just before the break, however, Caernarfon powered back and narrowed the gap to 12-9 at half-time with two more Arfon penalties. Again seizing the initiative after the break, the visitors levelled the scores with a fourth Arfon penalty and put Wrexham under intense pressure.

Good work from stand-in scrum-half Owain Turner, hooker Dave Blackwell, centre Danny Sissons and full-back Ashley Dawson turned the tide, however, and Wrexham scored a fine try through flanker Jake Edwards with only six minutes to go. Morris converted from wide out and then made the game safe with a last minute penalty.

28th Mar NANT CONWY (L) 14 - 5

Wrexham Youth Team’s hopes of winning the North Wales Division One Championship were severely dented at Bryn Estyn Road when they fell to Nant Conwy by 14-5 at Bryn Estyn Road.

They still top the table by one point from favourites Rhyl, who have two games in hand, but will have to rely on Mold beating Rhyl on the 18th April if they are to have any chance of claiming the title

21st Mar PEMBROKE (W) 17 - 14

Wrexham’s Under 19’s put last week’s league and cup defeat at Mold behind them by overcoming the touring Pembroke Harlequins Youth side by 17-14 at Bryn Estyn Road on Saturday.

Tries from centre George Cheesbrough, flanker Kenny Simms and lock Tom Crawford, plus a conversion from outside-half Kieran Morris, put the home side in the driving seat before they had to weather a late storm from the West Walians

14th Mar Mold (L) 0 .
7th Mar Ruthin (W) 18 - 15 Wrexham Under 19’s, trailing by 0-15 in the second-half of their North Wales Youth Division One game at Ruthin, came back strongly late-on and claimed an 18-15 victory with a last minute penalty by outside-half Jamie Morris to keep their Championship ambitions alive. Wing Peter Atkin started the comeback with a splendid try before prop Jake Edwards forced his way over for another touchdown. Morris completed the scoring with a conversion and a penalty, and the victors were indebted to some excellent play by flanker Dylan Hills and full-back Owain Turner.    
28th Feb LLANGEFNI (W) 22 - 18

With Wrexham Firsts having a weekend off it was the turn of the up-and-coming players to take centre stage at Bryn Estyn Road, and they did it in convincing style by defeating visitors Llangefni Youth by 22-18 in a pulsating top-of-the-table match.

Early pressure from a classy Llangefni side produced a 4th minute penalty that outside-half Carwyn Milburn kicked to open the scoring. Wrexham soon got into their stride with half-backs Kieran and Jamie Morris combining well to create a series of attacks and centres Danny Sissons and George Cheesbrough softening up the visitors’ defence.

They levelled the scores only five minutes later when Llangefni strayed offside under pressure and Kieran Morris struck a fine penalty to level the scores. The rest of the half was a nip and tuck affair with Llangefni gradually gaining the upper hand and reclaiming the lead with a Milburn penalty just before the break.

The second-half began slowly but Wrexham started to dominate the forward battle with number eight Geraint Jones looking particularly impressive. A quickly taken tap penalty in the Llangefni 22 led to the ball being fed to replacement winger Christian Chalk who stretched his legs and scored in the right corner.

In front for the first time in the game, Wrexham came back for more and were awarded a penalty try in the 58th minute when the Llangefni forwards killed the ball on their line under intense pressure. Jamie Morris added the simple conversion to put his side two scores ahead.

However, sensing the game slipping away from them, Llangefni countered strongly and narrowed the gap only five minutes later when flanker Huw Williams crashed over from a tap penalty move. Wrexham’s response was immediate and spectacular as Jamie Morris spotted hooker David Blackwell lurking far to his left and kicked the ball diagonally for the Welsh international to catch and score in the corner.

A superb conversion from the touchline by Kieran Morris seemed to seal it for the home side with only five minutes to go, but there were anxious moments as Llangefni swept upfield again and scored through hooker Richard Jones. Once again Carwyn Milburn added the extra points with a well struck conversion, but time had run out and the referee’s whistle signalled the end of a marvellous game, Wrexham now leading the Division One Championship by two clear points.

21st Feb Caernarfon (W) 34 - 7 Wrexham kept up the pressure on North Wales Youth Division One leaders Rhyl with an emphatic 34-7 victory at Llandudno. Centre George Cheesbrough crowned an excellent performance by grabbing a superb hat-trick of tries while centre Danny Sissons, outside-half Jamie Morris and wing Jordan Davies weighed in with a touchdown apiece. Scrum-half Kieran Morris completed the scoring by landing two conversions.   
31st Jan Bangor (W) 30 - 14

Wrexham Youth Team proved to be too strong for Bangor at Cae Milltir as they notched a 30-14 success to move into the quarter-finals of the North Wales Youth Cup.  They raced into a 15-0 lead with a brace of tries by centre Danny Sissons, and another unconverted touchdown by prop David Blackwell, but then lost momentum and conceded two scores that cut their lead to only one point.

However, outside-half Kieran Morris, hooker John Morton and centre George Cheesbrough led by fine example and the visitors pulled away again with a try by Morton and another for Sissons with Morris landing a conversion and a penalty for good measure.   

24th Jan Denbigh (W) 44 - 15 Wrexham Youth hit top form with a display of quick handling and fast support work at Denbigh, running in seven tries to achieve an outstanding 44-15 success. Prop David Blackwell crossed for a hat-trick of tries, centre Danny Sissons managed a smart brace and outside-half Kieran Morris and full-back Owain Turner grabbed a try apiece. Morris also kicked a penalty and three conversions while number eight Kenny Simms and flanker Rob Moore were also outstanding for winning and using possession to feed the try scorers.
17th Jan Pwllheli (W) 13 - 0

Wrexham’s Under 19’s defied a well drilled home side and stormy conditions at Pwllheli to keep their North Wales Youth Division Championship hopes alive with a 13-0 success.

Constant pressure when Wrexham had the elements in their favour in the first-half gave outside-half Jamie Morris the opportunity to kick his side into the lead with a penalty, and this was followed up by an unconverted try from a tap penalty move by flanker Rob Moore.

The visiting forwards, well served by the return to the side of hooker David Blackwell, continued to play impressively against the gale in the second-half, rarely allowing Pwllheli to gain any momentum. It was the backs, however, who had the final say as they created a free flowing move to send winger Christian Chalk racing in for their second match clinching try.

6th Dec Nant Conwy (D) 8 - 8 Wrexham Youth Team’s Division One game against Nant Conwy at Llanrwst ended up all square at 8-8, the visitors having to come from behind to level the scores with a try off a ruck by replacement prop Owain Kember. Outside-half Jamie Morris gave Wrexham an early lead with a well-struck penalty before Nant established an 8-3 half-time lead with a penalty and a try on a boggy pitch. Also in form for the visitors were centre Ashley Dawson and wing Dafydd Kember.
15th Nov RUTHIN (W) 20 - 10 Wrexham Youth got their North Wales Division One Championship campaign back on course with a convincing 20-10 victory over local rivals Ruthin at Bryn Estyn Road.

Early pressure from the home forwards, props Gareth Griffiths and Ben Harrison looking in dominant form, earned the home side a stream of possession and led to the first try of the game. The ball was worked from a ruck to flanker Danny Sissons in midfield and he used his strength to power over from 15 metres, outside-half Jamie Morris adding the conversion.

Morris kicked a penalty to give Wrexham a 10-0 lead at the break and then he combined with his brother Kieran to send winger Christian Chalk scampering over in the corner for a try that he duly converted. Storming runs by Wrexham number eight Geraint Jones kept Wrexham in the driving seat, scrum-half Kieran Morris added a penalty and Ruthin gained some consolation with a penalty and a late converted try.    

1st Nov Llangefni (L) 16 - 12 Wrexham Youth lost their unbeaten record in North Wales Youth Division One when they tired in the final quarter at Llangefni and lost narrowly by 12-16. Despite missing some of their regulars on the long away trip, Wrexham forced the pace early on and reached half-time with a 12-0 lead thanks to tries by centre Danny Sissons and Dafydd Kember plus a conversion by outside-half Jamie Morris.

The visitors continued to dominate the forward exchanges with prop Ben Harrison and flanker Declan Simms in outstanding form and Gareth Griffiths supporting well in the threequarters, but Llangefni held an ace in the number and quality of their replacements and used them to good effect to overtake the visitors with a converted try and three penalties.      

11th Oct DENBIGH (W) 5 - 3 Wrexham Youth maintained their place at the top of the North Wales Youth Division One Championship with a narrow 5-3 home victory over Denbigh. It looked as though they would run riot after scrum-half Kieran Morris set up a 3rd minute try for wing Dafydd Kember, but mistakes then littered their play and the visitors countered with a penalty. Despite excellent performances from Kember, hooker John Morton and flanker Declan Simms, Wrexham nearly lost the game when Denbigh were awarded a late penalty in front of the posts, only for the hapless kicker to miss the target.
11th Oct PWLLHELI (W) 10 - 6 Wrexham Youth emerged as narrow victors of a tremendous North Wales Youth Division One game that they should have won by a much greater margin. Pwllheli opened the scoring with a penalty against the run of play but scrum-half Kieran Morris eventually drew the home side level with a penalty after missing a couple of previous efforts.  Pwllheli managed another penalty after the break but a superb solo try from a tap penalty by prop Jake Edwards put the issue beyond doubt, Morris slotting the conversion. Wrexham’s industrious flanker Daniel Sissons had a storming game, as did prop Joss Stott, to keep their side at the top of the Championship.
4th Oct BALA (L) 24 - 14 Wrexham Youth fielded their young development side against a strong Bala outfit and found themselves trailing by 0-17 at half-time. However, they improved against the wind in the second-half and came back with a breakaway try by winger Jordan Davies, a touchdown from a rolling maul by flanker Owain Jarvis and two conversions from outside-half Phil Tinsley. Despite other good performances from hooker Luke Hammond and number eight Geraint Jones, they couldn’t break through again and Bala had the last word with a late converted try.    
27th Sept Caernarfon (W) 12 - 8 Wrexham remain at the top of the North Wales Youth Division One Championship following this hard-earned victory at Caernarfon. The home side opened the scoring with a try but Wrexham forced their way back with a fine touchdown by full-back Owain Turner, converted by scrum-half Kieran Morris for a 7-5 half-time lead. Flanker Danny Sissons then increased the visitors’ lead with a superb try off the back of a scrum before Caernarfon replied with a late penalty. Sissons gave an outstanding performance throughout with number eight Kenny Simms.
20th Sept Mold (W) 24 - 14 .
13th Sept . . .
6th Sept Rhyl (W) .
1st Sept DENBIGH (W) 44 - 16 .

2nd XV

Date Opponents Result


2nd May MOLD (D) 35 - 35 .
18th April Llangollen (L) 30 - 19

Llangollen came out on top of this enthralling Division Four contest at Dinas Bran, but Wrexham played a full part as they bounced back from a 0-17 half-time deficit before leading by 19-17 in the second-half and then running out of steam following the sin binning of number eight Keir Harding.

Tries by wingers David McHugh and Llion Morris plus one from Keir Harding, with two conversions from outside-half Carl Pugh, completed the scoring for the visitors. There were also excellent performances from scrum-half Gavin Brace and Dave Thomas who played at full-back before being pressed into action in the second-row.      

11th April CAERNARFON (D) 34 - 34 A last minute penalty by visitors Caernarfon Seconds ensured that a terrific Division Four game at Wrexham Seconds finished all square at 34-34. The home side led by 22-12 at the break but had to weather a good opening by Caernarfon in second-half before almost winning the contest. Number eight Keir Harding claimed a hat-trick of tries, flanker Dave Morris added a smart brace and full-back Dave Thomas touched down for a single score. Scrum-half Mike Andrew completed the scoring with two conversions to round off a fine individual display.   
4th April Ruthin (L) 12 - 6 As expected, the Division Four match between Ruthin Seconds and Wrexham Seconds at Cae Ddol was a close run affair, with the home side gaining the verdict by 12-6. Two penalties by outside-half Richard Lloyd in response to a first-half converted try by Ruthin kept the game on knife-edge until the final minute when the home side scored an unconverted try. Wrexham received a bonus point for their efforts, centre Dave Thomas and lock Brendan O’Malley performing particularly well.     
28th Mar FLINT (L) 15 - 14

Wrexham Seconds suffered a last minute defeat in their Division Four home match against Flint when the Deesiders kicked a last gasp penalty to secure a 15-14 victory. A first-half try by number eight Keir Harding and a conversion by outside-half Richard Lloyd cancelled out an early converted try by the visitors to leave the teams level at 7-7 at the break.

Wrexham went ahead with a second-half try by flanker Dave Morris and another conversion by Lloyd, but the visitors staged a late comeback with an unconverted try and then that last minute penalty to claim the points

7th Mar Harlech (L) 41 - 0 Wrexham 2nds, fielding a weakened side at Harlech in a Division Four contest, played well to hold the home side to a 15-0 advantage at the break, but then eased off a little to concede a 41-0 defeat. Iwan Roberts was outstanding throughout the game at number eight and former Youth Team hooker Tom Petty was also in very good form.
28th Feb MENAI BRIDGE (W) 39 - 12 Wrexham Seconds, on the receiving end of some terrible drubbings on their Division Four travels in recent weeks, returned home to record a convincing and morale boosting 39-12 victory over Menai Bridge. They trailed by 5-6 at the break against a good side that had beaten them only a few months ago, but a hat-trick of tries by full-back James Wrathall put them in the driving seat in the second-half. Other touchdowns came from flanker Dave Morris, lock Jason Parry, flanker Wayne Roberts and centre Andrew Clutton. Wing Jonathan Davies rounded off the scoring with two conversions.       
21st Feb Nant Conwy 2 (L) 58 - 17 Wrexham Seconds came unstuck at Llanrwst where a strengthened local side ran riot and scored 7 converted tries in the last 10 minutes of the game. It was the same old story for the visitors who used their forward power to batter away at the Nant line but failed to score and then fell prey to swift counter attacks. Scrum-half Gavin Brace delivered a good performance and never gave up while wing Gareth Bostock tackled well to stop several tries from being scored.   
31st Jan Llangefni 2 (L) 58 - 17 Wrexham Seconds, having been delayed en route to Llangefni and then depleted by the loss of scrum-half Kevin Davies with a rib injury, conceded 48 unanswered points by half-time. But they came roaring back with a determined performance from their pack to outscore the home side in the second-half, tries coming flanker Keir Harding, number eight Wayne Roberts and centre Neil Route. Outside-half Carl Pugh landed one conversion and prop Rob Thatcher was hailed as their Man of the Match for a stirring front-row performance.
24th Jan Pwllheli 2 (L) 78 - 7 Wrexham Seconds were outclassed by a strengthened Pwllheli side in a Division Four contest on the Lleyn Peninsula. Centre Neil Route claimed a consolation try for the visitors and outside-half Carl Pugh added a conversion, but that was their only reward for making a long journey.     
17th Jan Abergele (L) 46 - 0 Wrexham defended well with a scratch side to reach the break only 0-15 in arrears at Division Four Championship favourites Abergele. Despite very good performances from prop Brendan O’Malley and hooker Tom Petty, the floodgates opened late in the second-half and the home side ran out impressive winners.  
13th Dec Flint (W) 23 - 15

Wrexham Seconds and Flint overcame atrocious wet and muddy conditions at Flint to put on a terrific show of rugby in their North Wales Division Four contest, the visitors coming back at the end to clinch a 23-15 victory.

Wrexham’s tries came from number eight Keir Harding, lock Jason Parry and hooker Dave Green while outside-half Jamie Morris slotted a conversion and two penalties. The visitors found themselves trailing by 14-15 in the final quarter but rallied with a fine team performance including good displays from scrum-half Gavin Brace and centre Anthony Lang.

6th Dec HARLECH (W) 24 - 15 Wrexham Seconds, overtaken by visitors Harlech within sight of the winning line, had to pull out all the stops to land a 24-15 victory in their North Wales Division Four mid table contest. Number eight Keir Harding grabbed the match winning try to add to his earlier touchdown, lock Jason Parry scored another, outside-half Richard Lloyd licked all three conversions and scrum-half Michael Powell added the coup de grace with a last minute penalty. Harding was in terrific form as was prop Rob Thatcher.
15th Nov OSWESTRY (L) 31 - 19 A Wrexham XV, mainly made up of Second Team players, gave a good account of themselves at Bryn Estyn Road on Saturday but were eventually beaten by a strong Oswestry XV. Man of the Match Dave Morris grabbed two classic back-row tries before going off injured, scrum-half Michael Powell notched another and outside-half Carl Pugh slotted two conversions for the home side.    
15th Nov Menai Bridge (L) 23 - 3

Wrexham’s revival in North Wales Division Four came to a shuddering halt at Menai Bridge where the local side was able to chalk up its first win of the season. The visiting pack dominated the forward exchanges but Menai Bridge were slicker on the breakaways and notched two tries against the run of play that turned the game.

Wrexham’s points came from a penalty by outside-half Carl Pugh while lock Iwan Roberts deserved a mention for his ball carrying runs at the opposition. Hooker Paul Allen also acquitted himself well when he had to take over at prop from Rob Thatcher who suffered an injury.

14th Nov Flint Vets () .
1st Nov NANT CONWY (W 15 - 14

Wrexham Seconds, having had to wait until last week before they could claim their first league win of the season, did it again on Saturday when then outpointed hitherto unbeaten Nant Conwy Seconds by 15-14 at Bryn Estyn Road.

They fought back from an early 0-7 deficit to reach half-time 10-7 in front, thanks to a try by flanker Dave Morris and a conversion and penalty by outside-half Carl Pugh. With Adam Jones putting in some scorching runs down the wing and prop Iwan Roberts and flanker Keir Harding carrying the game to Nant, they went further ahead with another Morris try before the visitors edged closer with a late consolation goal.

25th Oct Caernarfon (W) 15 - 0

Wrexham returned with an away win for the first time this season in a hard fought victory in awful conditions. Wrexham absorbed Caernarfon pressure in the first half & dominated the 2nd half scoring three tries through No 8 Mike Jones, Openside Rhodri Llwyd Ifans & replacement wing Will Gauntlett, the margin could have been much greater but the poor conditions & final passes going astray meant that the bonus point was not obtained.

18th Oct Denbigh (L) 26 - 20 Wrexham lost this Worthington Clwyd Cup second leg encounter by 20-26 at Denbigh but still progressed through to the next round with a 57-53 aggregate win. Fielding a scratch side, Wrexham trailed by 0-23 at the break but then found some rhythm and bounced back with tries by hooker turned winger Mark Jones, centre Peter Dougan and scrum-half Kelvin Bryan, who added a conversion and a penalty. Mark Jones and hooker Paul Allen gave outstanding performances as did prop Guy Bingham who was returning from long-term injury. 
11th Oct LLANGEFNI (L) 32 - 5

With a good team performance, Wrexham Seconds managed to hold the North Wales Division Four leaders to a 0-7 half-time score in their contest at Bryn Estyn Road. They then reduced the arrears with an unconverted try by lock Iwan Roberts but, despite another good display from number eight Keir Harding, they ran out of steam in the last 10 minutes, conceded late tries and fell to their fourth successive league defeat.  

4th Oct Pwllheli (P) . 
27th Sept ABERGELE (L) 30 - 22

Wrexham scored more tries than the visitors but still fell to their third successive defeat in the North Wales Division Three Championship. Their tries came from flanker Dave Morris (2), prop Rob Pierce and outside-half Richard Lloyd who also landed one conversion. Pierce and Lloyd were the outstanding performers for the home side.

20th Sept DENBIGH (W) 39 - 27

2nd XV took the field with a youthful look, youth team players Rob Moore, Joss Stott & Kieran Morris all making significant appearances in an exciting encounter.

Wrexham had their strongest backline out of the season & made their intentions clear that the ball would be moved about on great day for running rugby. Scrum Half Mike Powell sneaked in up the blind side from a 5m scrum to open the scoring a difficult conversion was missed.

Wrexham's pack were taking control with the back row trio of Moore, Noon, Harding ably supported by lively hooker Gill were making big inroads into Denbigh teritory. From a typical bullocking Gill run the ball was recycled wuickly for Rich Lloyd to release centre Johnny Davies on a 50 metre run to the line, which he took with some aplomb rounding the full back for an excellent score which Lloyd converted.

The scenario was repeated twice within a few minutes only for Davies & Gemmell to be caught by the full back when a sympathetic pass to the supporting Lloyd would have resulted in a certain 14 points. Wrexhams indiscipline at the breakdown resulted in a quick tap penalty with lead to a Denbigh try. This was repeated in the 2nd half.

The second half was much the same with Wrexham playing some great rugby with forwards & backs hitting the line at pace, despite this Wrexham could not kill Denbigh off with the final pass not been clinical enough & four to five try scoring opportunities went astray. Wrexham scored further tries through Hooker Gill, the impressive loose forward Moore, Flanker Harding & the lively veteran Rich Lloyd, two of which were converted by Lloyd along with an additional penalty.

Denbigh kept themselves in the game with excellent scrambling defence & a lively half back pairing who created & scored a couple of breakaway tries. They must be commended for their spirit & kep their nerve to score a further try when both packs locked horns for a quick scuffle. Wrexham deserved the victory but the margin should have been a great deal bigger. A stern test awaits them next week with the visit of Abergele.

Notebale performances came from each of the youth team players, Moore, Stott & Morris aided by the impressive John Gill. There was also a welcome return for Mark Gasson in midfield.

13th Sept Mold (L) 41- 35 76 points in a enthralling encounter that went to the wire.

Mold scored some excellent tries through their speedy backs & their goalkicker kicked every opportunity handed to him in a fine display. However Veteran outside half Carl Pugh had a 100% record prior to leaving the field with 13 points & rigormortice in the 2nd half.

Wrexham dominated the scrum with Rob's Thatcher & Pierce prominant in both the tight & loose. Pierce was only overshadowed by the outstanding Mike Powell at scrum half who weighed in with two tries & a high tempo performance in linking forward & back play. It is shame that a forthcoming operation will result in the end of a promising career at such a young age, we all wish him well.

There was also a welcome return for Rhodri Ifans to the club after a season or twos absence. Mark Jones once again showed his versatility by playing extremely well in the back row.

6th Sept LLANGOLLEN (L) 22- 17

Wrexham contributed to an entertaining fixture, however unforced errors contrived to hand Llangollen their first victory at Bryn Estyn Road. Llangollen were well disciplined & have put a lot of hard work onto the training paddock & so it proved on Saturday as they had the upper hand in defence & at the ruck. They have improved each season under the guidance of Butties & his fellow coaches & congratulations to them all. For Wrexham it was good to see Robbie Pierce make his comeback after a serious injury lead to 4 year break. Wrexham scored two well worked tries. A typical catch & drive from the lineout resulted in a try for Gareth Noon & short side move engineered by No 8 Noon & effervescent scrum half Richie Lloyd freeing Full back Will Gauntlett for a 50yd canter home. Lloyd converted both & added a penalty.

In the dying minutes Scotty Davies's amazing inflatable knees managed to nudge the ball some 25 yds into the dead ball area for Dave Anderson to score his 4th try of the game.

Noteable performances for Wrexham came through centre Johnny Davies & hooker Mark Jones. The team performed well in patches however some work on the trining field may stand us in good stead.

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