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RESULTS 2009/10

Season 2009/2010 P Won Drew  Lost Pts  For  Pts Against Season 2009/2010 P Won Drew  Lost Pts  For  Pts Against
1st XV 18 6 0 12 147 230 2nd XV 18 4 0 14 53 247
Youth XV 18 12 0 6 196 141 Vets XV 2 0 0 2 0 0

1st XV

Date Opponents Result

Team Selection and Scorers

24th April NEWTOWN (L) 41 - 8 D.Gard: D.Sisssons: N.Perrin: R.Platt: M.Jones: P.Williams: G.Owen: K.Simms: O.Turner: B.Cheesbrough: A.Wrathall: R.Hughes: J.Francis: M.Gasson: J.Gormley.....   J.Stott: C.Chalk: P.Atkin: S.Milne.                                                                                     SCORERS: KO.Turner,  (1C,1P):
17th April WELSHPOOL (W) 28 - 15 D.Gard: N.Perrin: G.Bingham: J.Reano: M.Jones: P.Williams: G.Owen: K.Simms: K.Morris B.Cheesbrough: J.Roberts: R.Hughes: J.Francis: M.Gasson: J.Gormley.....   O.Turner: W.Roberts: R.Platt:                                                                                      SCORERS: K.Simms: G.Owen: R.Hughes (2T, 1C, 2P):
10th April LLANIDLOES (L) 26 - 20 D.Gard: D.Sisssons: G.Bingham: R.Platt: M.Jones: P.Williams: G.Owen: K.Simms: K.Morris B.Cheesbrough: B.Hayane: R.Hughes: J.Roberts: M.Gasson: J.Gormley.....   N.Perrin: W.Roberts: J.Reano: J.Davies:                                                                  SCORERS: K.Simms: G.Bingham: R.Hughes (1C, 1P): K.Morris (1C, 1P)
3rd April NEWTOWN (L) 23 - 12 D.Gard: D.Sisssons: G.Bingham: J.Reano: M.Jones: P.Williams: G.Owen: K.Simms: K.Morris: B.Cheesbrough: J.Davies: J.Roberts: A.Wrathall: M.Gasson: J.Gormley.....  N.Perrin: D.Woolfenden: T.Williams: G.Noon                                                                       SCORERS: K.Morris (4P)
27th Mar Welshpool (W) 21 - 0 J.Stott: D.Sisssons: G.Bingham: J.Reano: T.Williams: G.Owen: K.Simms: M.Jones: K.Morris: B.Cheesbrough: J.Roberts: A.Wrathall: R.Hughes: M.Gasson: J.Gormley.....  D.Gard: N.Perrin: P.Blakemore:                                                                                           SCORERS: J.Roberts (2): R.Hughes (1C,3P)
6th Mar Llanidloes (L) 34 - 0

N.Perrin: D.Sisssons: G.Bingham: J.Stott: M.Jones: P.Williams: G.Owen: K.Simms: J.Roberts: R.Hughes: J.Davies: B.Cheesbrough: M.Gasson: B.Hayane: J.Gormley.....  D.Seabrook: J.Reano: R.Ifans:W.Gaunlett:                                                                SCORERS: 
27th Feb Bala (L) 19 - 0

N.Perrin: D.Sisssons: G.Bingham: J.Stott: J.Reano: P.Williams: M.Jones: K.Simms: J.Roberts: K.Morris: J.Davies: A.Wrathall: T.Roberts: B.Hayane: J.Gormley.....  D.Seabrook: S.Milne: P.Blakemore.                                                                                                              SCORERS: 
30th Jan BETHESDA (L) 20 - 10

I.Sanger: N.Perrin: G.Bingham: R.Platt: R.Ifans P.Williams: M.Jones: D.Sisssons: J.Roberts: B.Cheesbrough: W.Gaunlett: A.Wrathall: K.Morris: B.Hayane: J.Gormley.....  J.Stott:: R.Platt: J.Reano: SL Jones.                                                                                                    SCORERS:  Pen Try: K.Morris (1C.1P)
5th Dec Rhyl (L) 48 - 0

J.Stott:: N.Perrin: G.Bingham: T.Roberts: J.Reano: P.Williams: A.Ellis: D.Sisssons: J.Roberts: J.Gormley: L.Morris: S.Williams: B.Cheesbrough: A.Jones: K.Morris .....  B.O'Malley: S.Milne: K.Morris                                                                                     SCORERS: 
25th Nov NEWTOWN (L) 30 - 0


J.Stott:: N.Perrin: B.O'Malley: J.Reano: P.Williams: D.Sisssons: A.Ellis: R.Ifans: J.Roberts: J.Gormley: L.Morris: S.Williams: B.Cheesbrough: B.Hayane: A.Wrathall: .....  D.Seabrook: W.Roberts: S.Milne: K.Morris                                                                                    SCORERS: 
14th Nov Newtown (L) 29 - 3


I.Sanger: B.O'Malley: G.Bingham: J.Stott: R.Ifans: D.Sisssons: A.Ellis: P.Williams: K.Morris: J.Gormley: L.Morris: B.Hayane: B.Cheesbrough: TJ Wallis: A.Clutton: ..... K.Morris:  J.Roberts: N.Perrin: S.Milne                                                                                  SCORERS: K.Morris (P):
24th Oct BANGOR (W) 14 - 0


J.Stott: N.Perrin: W.Roberts: I.Sanger: T.Williams: D.Sisssons: A.Ellis: T.Roberts: K.Morris: J.Gormley: W.Gauntlett:S.Williams: B.Cheesbrough: B.Hayane: A.Clutton: .....   B.O'Malley: S.L-Jones: J.Roberts: IJ.Parry                                                            SCORERS: W.Roberts: K.Morris (3P):
17th Oct RHOS (W) 13 - 7


W.Roberts: N.Perrin: G.Bingham: J.Stott: J.Reano: D.Sisssons: T.Roberts: M.Jones: K.Morris: J.Gormley: S.L-Jones: S.Williams: B.Cheesbrough: B.Hayane: A.Clutton: .....   T.Roberts: S.Carr: J.Roberts: I.Sanger:                                                              SCORERS: A.Clutton: K.Morris (1C,1P): J.Gormley (1P):
3rd Oct Bethesda (L) 29 - 6


N.Perrin: D.Sisssons: G.Bingham: J.Stott: J.Reano: M.Jones: T.Roberts: I.Sanger: J.Roberts: J.Gormley: S.L-Jones: B.Hayane: B.Cheesbrough: L.Morris: A.Clutton: .....   T.Roberts: S.Carr: W.Roberts: T.Williams:                                                                  SCORERS: J.Gormley (2P):
26th Sept BALA (L) 14 - 10


N.Perrin: D.Sisssons: G.Bingham: J.Stott: M.Jones: K.Harding: T.Roberts: W.Roberts: J.Roberts: R.Chadwick: P.Doogan: S.Williams: B.Cheesbrough: L.Morris: A.Clutton: .....  I.Sanger: B.Hayane: A.Ellis: T.Williams:                                                                  SCORERS: T.Roberts: R.Chadwick (1C.1P):
19th Sept RHYL (L) 20 - 10


N.Perrin: D.Sisssons: G.Bingham: J.Reano: R.Parry: K.Harding: T.Roberts: I.Sanger: J.Roberts: R.Chadwick: P.Doogan: S.Williams: B.Cheesbrough: A.Ellis: A.Clutton: ..... J.Stott: L.Morris: A.Wrathall:                                                                      SCORERS: K.Harding: R.Chadwick (1C.1P):
12th Sept Bangor (W) 57 - 3 N.Perrin: D.Sisssons: G.Bingham: J.Reano: J.Stott: M.Jones: T.Roberts: W.Roberts: J.Roberts: R.Chadwick: L.Morris: S.Williams: B.Cheesbrough: A.Ellis: A.Clutton: ..... I.Sanger: R.Evans: T.Williams: J.Jess:                                                 SCORERS: R.Chadwick (1T. 6C.): A.Ellis: B.Cheesbrough: S.Williams: A.Clutton: T.Roberts: D.Sisssons: M.Jones: I.Sanger:
5th Sept Rhos (W) 24 - 14 J.Stott: D.Sisssons: N.Perrin: T.Roberts: J.Reano: P.Williams: T.Roberts: W.Roberts: D.Bowen: R.Chadwick: L.Morris: S.Williams: P.Doogan: J.Jess: A.Clutton: ..... B.O'Malley: K.Harding: A.Ellis:                                                                       SCORERS: S.Williams (2T): A.Clutton: R.Chadwick (3C.1P)

Youth XV

Date Opponents Result


. . .  
27th Mar Llangollen (W) 57 - 7 Wrexham Youth defeated plucky visitors Llangollen by 57-7 in the last of their scheduled North East Wales regional games before they face the cross region play-offs in a fortnight’s time. Tries came from lock Dafydd Kember (3), winger for the day Aaron Hughes (2), wing Tom Lea, flanker Owain Jarvis, lock and captain Christian Chalk and scrum-half Owain Turner who also kicked 6 conversions. Wrexham finished in third place, behind Ruthin and Rhyl, in their provincial championship.  
20th Mar MOLD (L) 12 - 8

An uncharacteristic blunder, only seven minutes from the end of their keenly contested North Wales Youth Cup quarter-final game against visitors Mold, resulted in Wrexham Youth losing to their close rivals by 8-12.

Mold had opened the scoring in the 10th minute of the game with a well worked unconverted try, but Wrexham gradually built up some momentum and levelled the scores with a captain’s try by lock Christian Chalk.

The score remained at 5-5 until half-time and then Wrexham rapidly turned the screw on the visitors until they conceded a penalty that full-back Owain Turner converted. The Wrexham forwards, inspired by a fine performance from Chalk, then controlled the game until the final quarter when Mold came back strongly.

 The home side seemed to have withstood a constant barrage on their line when the referee awarded them a penalty for a Mold infringement. However, in a rush of blood to the head, a Wrexham player decided to run from his line rather than kick for safety, and a pass to an unsuspecting teammate went to ground.

 Mold grabbed the opportunity and picked-up the loose ball to score a try that they converted for a four point lead. Although Wrexham came roaring back in a frantic final few minutes of play, they needed a try to reclaim the lead and just couldn’t fashion another score. 

6th Mar Dinbych (L) 20 - 17

Denbigh Youth surprised their Wrexham counterparts by claiming an unexpected 20-17 home victory that could hinder Wrexham’s aim to reach the top clubs’ play-offs next month.

 The home side dominated the match in the early stages with a converted try and a penalty, but the lead changed hands three times as Wrexham bounced back with a brace of tries by centre Josh Francis, another score from wing Pete Atkins and a conversion from outside-half Nathan Jones. In between this Denbigh had notched an unconverted try to limit Wrexham’s lead to 17-15 with only twenty minutes to go.

 Although the loss of number eight Geraint Jones with a dislocated wrist injury was matched by a strong display from his replacement Declan Simms, the visitors found themselves being constantly penalised under pressure in the final stages. Denbigh claimed the winning try in the dying minutes, leaving Wrexham a bit miffed when the game ended five minutes early.  

27th Feb Llanidloes (W) 24 - 0

Wrexham Youth secured an emphatic 24-0 victory over highflying Llanidloes in a North Wales Youth Cup first round game in Mid Wales. They will meet their local rivals Mold at Wrexham in the quarter-finals of the competition, the date to be agreed by the clubs.

The visitors were in almost complete control in the opening quarter and raced into a 14-0 lead with tries by prop Aaron Hughes and wing Pete Atkin, plus two conversions from full-back Owain Turner. Indiscipline then let the home side back into the game until half-time, but Wrexham picked it up again with tries from prop John Morton and wing Jordan Davies as they dominated the final quarter of the game.

Scrum-half Tom Lea stood out for providing an excellent service to his threequarters, while Luke Hammond came on as a back-row replacement and made a telling contribution by winning a stream of possession in the line-outs.   

6th Feb Mold (W) 17 - 5

A neat drop goal by outside-half Nathan Jones, deep in the final quarter, delivered Wrexham Youth a 17-15 victory over their Mold counterparts and broke their Chester Road hoodoo that had existed for four long decades.

In an absorbing game in which the lead changed hands no less than four times, Wrexham claimed an early lead when scrum-half Tom Lea crossed for a try that was converted by full-back Owain Turner. Mold responded with a penalty and then went into the lead in the 30th minute when they created a try that they converted to give them a 10-7 half-time lead.

The visitors were fastest out of their blocks after the break and dominated the next 20 minutes with some incisive running. When centre Josh Francis picked up the ball from broken play near the half-way line in the 52nd minute, he accelerated through the home defence and evaded all cover to score a brilliant try under the posts. Turner again added the extra points with his conversion.

Then Wrexham flanker Gruffudd Jones suffered a dislocated kneecap in a challenge and there was a long delay while an ambulance was summoned to take him to hospital. When play did resume, Mold took the initiative and soon reclaimed the lead at 15-14 with an unconverted try wide out.

Although Wrexham tried hard to regain the lead in the closing minutes, it looked as though it was all over for them until Nathan Jones decided to have a rare drop-kick at goal. To the great delight of his teammates, the kick succeeded and they then managed to hold on for the last few minutes to claim a very rare victory at this venue.

For the winners, number eight Geraint Jones made a massive contribution to their success with his strong presence and Jordan Davies, who started on the wing before moving to centre in the second-half, deserved praise for his ball carrying skills and covering back when needed.

30th Jan Colwyn Bay (W) 26 - 0

Wrexham Youth bounced back to winning ways and completed their first double of the season when they defeated Colwyn Bay Youth at their Brookfield Drive stronghold.

Although mistakes littered their play, the visitors still managed to score four tries through wing Peter Atkin, centre Jordan Davies, number eight Geraint Jones and replacement number eight Matthew Evans. Full-back Owain Turner kicked three conversions and there was a very competitive performance from prop Aaron Hughes to add to the exciting running skills of try scorer Atkin. 

16th Jan Ruthin (L) 27 - 5  
5th Dec Rhyl (W) 44 - 7

Rhyl, the North Wales Youth Champions, were made to pay for bouts of indiscipline at Wrexham by losing their unbeaten record to the current league leaders who claimed an outstanding 44-7 home success.

The visitors grabbed the lead soon after the kick-off when centre Henry Roberts used his superb pace to score a try in the corner, outside-half Ben Pamment slotting the angled conversion. That stirred Wrexham into action and they camped in the Rhyl 22 before outside-half Nathan Jones kicked an 8th minute penalty to narrow the gap.

The home side turned up the heat in the second-quarter and increased their lead with a try and conversion by Nathan Jones from a well-worked move. Rhyl reacted with indiscipline that resulted in the sin binning of a centre and Wrexham took full advantage by piling on the points through tries by centre Josh Francis, prop Aaron Hughes, full-back Ian Elrick and hooker John Morton, plus a conversion by Jones.

Rhyl looked sharp at the start of the second-half as they ran everything in an attempt to reduce Wrexham’s massive 39-7 lead, only last ditch tackling by the home side halting their progress.  Once again, however, their indiscipline came to the surface and they lost the services of a second-row player for allegedly head butting a home player.

Wrexham had maintained their composure throughout and it paid dividends as they stuck to their game plan and came back strongly in the final quarter. The hard working lock Geraint Jones supplied them with a steam of possession, wing Jordan Davies tormented the Rhyl defence with neat breaks and replacement lock Christian Burgoyne sealed victory with a powerhouse try.   

28th Nov Llangollen (W) 53 - 0

Boosted by a strong team effort, Wrexham’s Under 19’s overpowered an inexperienced Llangollen side that never gave up trying at Dinas Bran on Saturday.

Centre Josh Francis led the way with a fine brace of tries and there were single scores for flanker Owain Jarvis, number eight Gruffudd Jones, wing Peter Atkin, prop Aaron Hughes, lock Christian Chalk, wing Jordan Davies and full-back Ian Elrich. Outside-half Nathan Jones converted four of Wrexham’s nine tries.      

6th Nov DINBYCH (W) 10 - 7

Wrexham survived a late onslaught from visitors Denbigh to keep their North Wales Youth Championship hopes alive with a 10-7 victory over their Vale of Clwyd rivals.


The floodlit Friday evening game was held up because the appointed referee failed to appear and spectator Pete Simms, a junior referee, volunteered to take charge. In a bright opening to the match, Denbigh looked the slicker side but were unable to penetrate a solid home defence that was well served by the tackling of prop Aaron Hughes and centre Josh Francis.


Wrexham gradually worked their way into the Denbigh half and threatened through the determined running of centres George Cheesbrough and Josh Francis coupled with a great foraging effort from flanker Declan Simms. Twice Wrexham players crossed the Denbigh try lines but both touchdowns were disallowed as the referee was unsighted.


Just before the break, however, big lock Christian Burgoyne crashed over near the right corner from a ruck and this time the try was awarded. Outside-half Nathan Jones was just short with his difficult touchline conversion attempt and was off target again 6 minutes after the restart when he was presented with the chance to kick a penalty.


That seemed to encourage Denbigh and they were quickly awarded a penalty, only for centre Steffan Morris to slot it wide from a narrow angle. The game lost its zest for a while but warmed up in the final ten minutes when Wrexham dominated the scrums through the strength and skill of prop Gruffudd Jones and his powerful pack.


A 35 metre drive to the Denbigh line by the Wrexham pack led to a well worked move that resulted in George Cheesbrough touching down an unconverted try. Denbigh’s response was swift and clinical, outside-half Harri Williams finishing off a fast threequarter movement by scoring under the posts with only four minutes to go.


Steffan Morris kicked the conversion and tried to launch a speedy attack upfield again. However, Wrexham were in no mood to be denied their victory and wisely contained Denbigh in their own half until the final whistle blew.     

31st Oct Newport HSOB (L) 57 - 10

Wrexham Youth were knocked out of the Webb Ellis Cup competition by Newport HSOB who put a string of poor league results behind them to perform exceptionally and clinch a 57-10 victory at their Caerleon stonghold.

Perhaps the long journey affected the visitors because they failed to cope with Newport’s fast running backs in the opening quarter and fell behind to a flurry of early tries. Led by their forwards, however, Wrexham matched the home side in the second quarter with Josh Francis posing a few problems for the South Walians from his key position in the centre.

Trailing by 0-34 at the break, but being the more dominant side in the forward exchanges, Wrexham had high hopes of reducing the deficit in the second-half. It was Josh Francis who initiated their comeback when he intercepted a pass in his own half and sprinted 60 metres with defenders in hot pursuit to score under the posts.

Unfortunately, outside-half Nathan Jones sliced his attempted conversion kick, but Wrexham soon came back for more with backs and threequarters linking well to pressurise Newport deep in their 22. A quickly released ball was whipped out to Christian Burgoyne on the charge, and the big lock made no mistake as he crashed over for a try under the uprights.

Although Wrexham changed their goal kicker, the conversion was again missed and the visitors faced an increasingly uphill struggle as time started to run out. Newport HSOB raised their game again deep in the final quarter and ran out very convincing winners of a keenly fought cup contest by adding another flurry of scores.   

24th Oct Welshpool (W 46 - 0

Following their shock defeat at Ruthin last week, Wrexham bounced back with an emphatic win in a friendly fixture at Welshpool. They led by 34-0 at the break, having overwhelmed the home side with a flurry of tries in the opening quarter. Progress was slower after fielding five substitutes at half-time, but they finished strongly and well prepared for their visit to Newport HSOB Youth in the first round of the Webb Ellis Cup competition next Saturday.

Centre George Cheesbrough grabbed a hat-trick of tries while wing Peter Atkin, centre Josh Francis flanker Owain Jarvis and hooker John Morton claimed a try apiece. Morton, who has named Man of the Match by opponents Welshpool, also kicked a conversion to add to three conversions and a penalty landed by outside-half Nathan Jones. Another top performer was flanker Luke Hammond who usually packs down in the second-row but had to adjust to the back-row for this match.

17th Oct Ruthin (L) 22 - 7 As a result of a lack lustre performance at Ruthin, Wrexham Youth were defeated 7-22 by a keener home side. Geraint Jones scored Wrexham’s try and Nathan Jones added the conversion but nobody really stood out and it was just one of those days when the team didn’t click.
10th Oct MOLD (W) 29 - 24

Wrexham Youth staged a late rally to defeat visitors Mold by 29-24 in the first match of the season between these two top North Wales youth sides.

Slick handling and sheer pace produced tries for Wrexham wing George Cheesbrough and centres Jonathon Davies and Josh Francis in a scintillating first-half. Outside-half Nathan Jones added two conversions and there were other impressive performances from prop Aaron Hughes and flanker Dafydd Kember playing in his first game of the season on the flank.

Mold countered with two tries, one of them converted, to trail by only 12-19 at half-time. Struggling to cope with the sin-binning of one of their forwards, Wrexham stuttered at the start of the second-half and conceded a try and a conversion that squared the match in the 44th minute.

The home side created chances to regain the lead but the Mold defence held firm and it was they who celebrated when a lucky bounce enabled a centre to score what looked like the decisive try with only five minutes to go. Wrexham regrouped, however, and stormed back to level things with a jinking try from former Mold centre Josh Francis before George Cheesbrough added his second try to clinch the match.

3rd Oct COLWYN BAY (W) 14 - 7

Wrexham Youth emerged as victors of a highly charged North East Wales championship encounter against visitors Colwyn Bay by 14-5. They took the lead in the first-half with a superb try in the corner by centre Josh Francis from a swift handling movement. Outside-half Nathan Jones was bang on target with his difficult conversion from the touchline.

With flanker Declan Simms playing impressively after his return from sickness and prop Ben Harrison proving very strong in the scrums, Wrexham went further ahead mid-way through the second-half when Francis scored again. This time he broke several tackles in midfield and linked with his forwards before touching down a fine try.

Nathan Jones added the extra points with a well-struck conversion before Colwyn Bay’s persistence finally paid off and they claimed a late consolation try.

18th Sept Bishop Heber (W) 15 - 7 Wrexham Youth Team fought their way back from being 0-7 down in a floodlit game at Bryn Estyn Road to record a well-earned 15-7 victory over visitors’ Bishop Heber College. Tries came from Jonathan Davies, Nathan Jones and Ian Elrick while Phil Tinsley made a good return at outside-half and centre Josh Francis always posed a threat to the students.
12th Sept WELSHPOOL (W) 34 - 0 .
5th Sept Rhyl (L) 17 - 7 .

2nd XV

Date Opponents Result


8th May Caernarfon 2    
24th Apr DINBYCH 2 (W) 40 - 10

Wrexham Seconds ensured that they won’t finish in bottom place in Division Four by hammering the luckless Denbigh Seconds 40-10 at Bryn Estyn Road. Although it was a scrappy game, a good team performance clinched this must-win result for the home side and augers well for next season.

Flanker Keir Harding and centre Scott Davies claimed a brace of tries apiece, lock Ian Sanger and prop Danny Seabrook powered over for a try each and outside-half Dave Thomas kicked 5 conversions. There was also a fine performance from lock Jason Parry while credit went to the versatile Dave Thomas for the way that he has adapted to playing at half-back in recent games.    

This game was a league and Second Team Cup semi-final double header against Denbigh and the result means that Wrexham will now face Ruthin Seconds in the cup final at a time and place to be decided.  

17th Apr LLANGEFNI (L) 42 - 30

Wrexham Seconds and Llangollen produced a free flowing and high scoring game at Dinas Bran with the home side edging home by 42-30 to complete a Division Four double over their close rivals. Despite their defeat, Wrexham went home with a bonus point for scoring 4 tries.

The visitors were marginally the best side in the first-half but were caught out by a couple of quick tries from their opponents after the break. Wing Scott Davies led the way for Wrexham with an excellent brace of tries, flanker Jason Parry and outside-half Dave Thomas notched one apiece and there were 2 penalties and 2 conversions from Thomas to complete their scoring.

Youth Team captain Christian Chalk gave a Man of the Match performance in the back-row, prop Danny Wolfenden was always prominent in the forward exchanges and wing Peter Atkin was applauded for a particularly good try saving tackle.

10th Apr ABERGELE (L) 69 - 14 Wrexham Seconds were crushed 14-69 at home by Division Four leaders Abergele, despite playing well in parts. Their try came from winger Scott Davies who was making his comeback, and outside-half Carl Pugh did well to kick three penalties. Number eight Keir Harding and former Youth Team prop Danny Wolfenden never stopped trying and worked well together. 
3rd Apr Flint (W) 15 - 13
Having failed to win a league match for most of this season, Wrexham Seconds made it an amazing three wins on the trot when they defeated Flint by 27-12 at Castle Grounds in a Division Four contest.
A fine all round team performance led to this latest bonus point success, top try scorer lock Iwan Roberts putting the visitors in front with a well worked try. They were never headed as number eight Keir Harding, centre Gareth Bostock and wing newcomer Leighton Cox added further touchdowns with scrum-half Owain Turner kicking two conversions and a penalty. 
27th Mar LLANGEFNI 2 (W) 15 - 13

Wrexham Seconds, whose jubilation knew no bounds when they won their first league match of the season a fortnight ago, celebrated again when they claimed the full points in beating visitors Llangefni Seconds by 31-0 in a Division Four contest.

Their tries came from flanker Gareth Noon, lock Jason Parry, replacement flanker Wayne Roberts, number eight Iwan Roberts and wing Christian Chalk, while centre Dave Thomas kicked 3 conversions. Prop Danny Seabrook, who was skipper for the day, led from the front and, while a great team performance won the day for Wrexham, Youth Team winger Pete Atkin made a major contribution to their success.  

Danny Hughes and Chris Phillips played half a game each for the depleted visitors and made sure that the game went ahead.  

13th Mar MOLD 2 (W) 15 - 13

Wrexham Seconds, without a win or a draw in Division Four this season, finally brought their losing sequence to an end when they outpointed their close rivals Mold Seconds by 10-7 at Bryn Estyn Road. 

 In a compelling game between two well-matched teams that reached half-time scoreless, Mold went ahead with a converted try shortly after the break. The home side, led by Man of the Match prop Danny Seabrook, fought their way back with a try near the corner by flanker Keir Harding, but the angle was too acute for centre Dave Thomas to land a conversion.  

 Youth Team scrum-half Owain Turner, wing Pete Atkins and centre Josh Francis all made a significant contribution on their senior debuts and helped to keep the pressure on the visitors. The winning try came from Wrexham flanker Mike Ward when he squeezed through a gap with 9 minutes to go, Turner missing the difficult conversion before the home side were able to celebrate that long awaited first victory of the season. 

6th Mar CAERNARFON 2 (L) 15 - 13

Wrexham Seconds nearly broke their Division Four duck when they dominated visitors Caernarfon Seconds, but they couldn’t score enough points and eventually fell to a 13-15 home defeat.

They had to contend with an unfortunate early injury to their inspirational lock Jason Griffiths who suffered a broken leg in a tackle and had to be hospitalised. Regrouping, however, they scored a try through scrum-half Dan Bowen and a penalty from full-back Sion Lloyd-Jones before Caernarfon overtook them at half-time with a converted try and a penalty.

With props Danny Wolfenden and Danny Hughes in charge in the scrums, Wrexham started well after the break but were stunned by a controversial try from the visitors after everyone but the match official had witnessed a blatant knock-on offence by the scorer. The home side came storming back with a try from lock Brendan O’Malley only to see outside-half Carl Pugh’s conversion attempt thwarted by a crossbar.

Wrexham had to settle for second-best again but could take come comfort from the fact that the losers bonus point that they earned for their close finish had lifted them off the bottom of the table. All of the team wish Jason Griffiths a comfortable and speedy recovery from his broken leg.   

27th Feb Llangollen (L) 32 - 15

Wrexham Seconds fought tooth and nail to match a good Llangollen side in a Division Four game at Bryn Estyn Road, but they fell away in the second-half and slid to a 15-32 defeat.

Outside-half Dave Thomas kicked Wrexham into an early lead with a well-struck penalty but the visitors countered with a converted try. Thomas then put the home side back in the lead with a try that he converted, only for Llan to reply with another converted try that gave them a 14-10 advantage at the break.

With Mark Gasson performing well at hooker, and Jason Parry foraging on the flank, Wrexham worked hard to get back on terms after the break. Unfortunately, Llangollen took full advantage by scoring a couple of tries when Thomas was sent to the sin-bin for a technical infringement and, although centre Mike McLeod nicked a second try for the home side, the visitors had the last word with a breakaway score.         

30th Jan Nant C. 2 (L) 56 - 0

Wrexham Seconds played well in parts against Nant Conwy Seconds in a Division Four game at Llanrwst but, with only 15 players in their party, they were hammered by 56-0 after their hosts fielded their full complement of replacements.

Flanker Mark Gasson tackled well on his welcome return to the side, lock Tom Williams stood out in the pack and veteran outside-half Ross Roberts and number eight Mark Lloyd added experience to a hard working Wrexham side.   

16th Jan Menai Br (L) 45 - 0  
5th Dec Llangefni 2 (L) 24 - 7

Wrexham Seconds are still chasing their first win of the season in Division Four after visitors Flint claimed a 24-7 victory at Bryn Estyn Road. The game was in the balance at 7-12 until the final quarter when the visitors profited from two breakaways to establish a clear margin of victory.

Lock Iwan Roberts rumbled over the Flint line to claim Wrexham’s try and centre Dave Thomas kicked the conversion to level the scores at one stage in the first-half. Full-back Andy Clutton and wing Paul Price impressed for the home side and there were promising debut performances on the wing from Tazz Douglas and replacement Jake Davies.      

14th Nov Llangefni 2 (L) 33 - 8

First team calls resulted in Wrexham Seconds travelling to Llangefni Seconds with only 14 players and, as the home club didn’t offer a player to balance the numbers, that is how they had to compete throughout their Division Four contest. Llangefni won by 36-8 but the depleted Wrexham pack performed magnificently throughout and earned the respect of their rivals.

The home side led by 10-0 at half-time although 14 man Wrexham had managed to hold them until lock Jason Parry was yellow carded for a technical offence. Tremendous tackling by second-row and Man of the Match Richard Platt and full-back Sion Lloyd-Jones also helped to keep the score down until the end of the half.

In a close opening to the second-half, Lloyd-Jones also grabbed a try and centre Dave Thomas kicked a penalty to reduce the arrears. Having to play one man short, however, eventually took its toll late on and Llangefni capitalised with a late rush of points to clinch a decisive victory. Flanker Gareth Owen put in a fine performance to inspire his outstanding pack.      

17th Oct Harlech (L) 33 - 8 Wrexham Seconds sank to the bottom of the Division Four table with their sixth straight defeat in this competition. They managed a try by former youth team player Teejay Wallace and a penalty by Dave Thomas but will have to improve rapidly if they are to avoid relegation to Division Five.
3rd Oct Nant Conwy 2 (L) 27 - 12

Wrexham lent Nant Conwy two players to make up a full fifteen and then suffered the blow of being beaten by them at home in this Division Four contest. Trailing by 0-15 at half-time, Wrexham made a real game of it after the break and reduced the arrears with a thundering try from number eight Iwan Roberts, converted by outside-half Dave Thomas.

The introduction of substitute Mike Ward on the flank made a big difference as did an outstanding performance from Man of the Match Bernard O’Malley. The big lock had a try disallowed before he set up full-back Gareth Bostock for a sparkling try in the corner.

Driven on by other good performances from scrum-half Dan Bowen, flanker Peter Blakemore and lock Jason Parry, Wrexham tried hard to overcome high flying Nant Conwy, but the visitors struck back with two tries and a conversion that sealed the game in their favour.

26th Sept Dinbych 2 (L) 22 - 7 Wrexham Seconds fell to their fourth successive defeat in Division Four when they were beaten 20-7 on their travels by a strengthened Denbigh Second Team. Hooker Paul Allan claimed a try for the visitors and skipper Dave Thomas added the conversion, while Man of the Match winger Will Gauntlett and flanker Gareth Owen were praised for their determined play.
20th Sept MENAI BRIDGE (L) 16 - 0 Wrexham’s young Second Team played their hearts out against an experienced Menai Bridge side in a Division Four contest at Bryn Estyn Road, but the visitors edged the contest with a 16-0 victory. Lock Brendan O’Malley and wing Dale Parry were the pick of the home side for their excellent performances.
13th Sept Mold 2 (L) 43 - 6 .
6th Sept RUTHIN 2 (L) 41 - 5 .

Vets XV

Date Opponents Result


19th Mar RHUTHIN (L) 22 - 12
Wrexham started superbly & put Ruthin under great pressure from the onset & were denied two or three scoring opportunities by Ruthin killing the ball & the referee's questionable decision making at the ruck. However the continued pressure told as Mike Mcloed crashed over near to the posts only for fullback Darrell's Hughes's dropped kick conversion to miss !! Wrexham continued to dominate the forward exchanges through the powerful surges of the forwards, scrum half john Roberts & centre Dave Morris. However Ruthin's defence held firm & they were able to counteract through their lively back row & scrum half Rhys Hughes which led to a good score by their winger. Wrexham again came back & threatened only to be thwarted by a whistle happy referee. Discipline was now becoming a issue for both sides. Ruthin held out until the half time break. 
The second half began with sides making numerous changes to their teams Ruthin started brightly & scored anothe try to extend their lead,  both sides continued to fall foul of the referee's whistle & a total of four players were dispatched to the sin bin due over officiating a friendly veterans match. Ruthin scored two further tries with one being a classic blindside break & dummy by scrum half Rhys Hughes to free the fullback/winger to score under the posts. 
Wrexham rallied well & scored a good try from a back row move instigated by No 8 Gareth Noon & scored by scrum half John Roberts, converted by Carl Pugh. 
Both teams retired to the bar & enjoyed an evening of nostalgic memories.
27th Nov North Wales Baa Baa's Vets (L) 44 - 21
First half was a topsy turvy affair with the Baa Baa's scoring two quick tries in succession from Wrexham mistakes on half way to take a 12-0 lead one by ex Wrexham player Andy Bridges,  Wrexham hit back with 3 converted tries scored from long distance with the outstanding Mike Mcloed scoring from 45 meters, Rich Lloyd winning a kick n chase from 40 meters & prop Guy Bingham scoring from 35 meters out,  all tries were converted by Richard Lloyd, unfortunately the Baa Baa's scored two well worked team tries both uncoverted to take a one point lead into half time 22-21.
The second half started with the Baa baa's domintaing the early exchanges as mass changes from Wrexham at half time due to having a squad of 38 players, Baa Baa's  scoring two further tries in the corner both uncoverted, by now Wrexhams much changed side tried in vain to break the baa baa line,  through the powerful bursts of returning centre John Darlington & wing Gavin Brace,  however the Baa baa's had Colin Evans controlling the game from scrum half & his vision & pace all night caused untold problems for the home side & he scored two further late tries to ensure Baa Baa's victory. 
Wrexham stand out players Mike Mcloed, Mike Ward & John Darlington.
I'd like to thank the NW Baa Baa's for fully supporting this charity event & to all who attended on a cold night including Steve Jarvis for refereeing the match,  with player donations, raffle & a succesful auction we raised over £1500 for the SPARKS Childrens Mediacal research Charity.
6th Nov DINBYCH (W) 10 - 7

In a keenly contested floodlit veterans match at Cae Ddol, Ruthin survived a battering from Wrexham’s power pack, and two claims for pushover scores, to win the game with a breakaway try in the second-half.               

19th Sept ELESMERE PORT 2nds (L) 21 - 12

Although they were beaten 21-12 by visitors Ellesmere Port Seconds, Wrexham Veterans were able to celebrate the launch of a brand new team at Bryn Estyn Road. Some of the players like number eight Tim Davies and lock Stan Edwards had to dust off the cobwebs and search the garage for boots, shorts and socks, but they all gave a good account of themselves.

Wrexham’s tries came from outside-half Richard Lloyd and centre Anthony Lang while Lloyd also managed one conversion. Wing Richard Weston was acclaimed for an outstanding performance against a much younger Wirral based side. Following this successful launch, Team Manager Darrell Hughes is planning more games for the Veterans over the next few months.       


RESULTS 2008/09

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