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Bryn Estyn Road, Wrexham, North Wales. LL13 9TY




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RESULTS 2010/11

Season 2009/2010 P Won Drew  Lost Pts  For  Pts Against Season 2009/2010 P Won Drew  Lost Pts  For  Pts Against
1st XV 24 7 0 19 125 202 2nd XV 18 12 0 6 0 0
Youth XV 22 15 0 7 0 0 Vets XV 6 3 0 3 0 0

1st XV

Date Opponents Result

Team Selection and Scorers

16th May Menai Bridge (W) 66 - 0 D.Guard: P.Allen: G.Bingham: I.Roberts: M.Jones: P.Williams: P.Blakemore: T.Roberts:   O.Turner: M.Powell: A.Clutton: S.Davies: D.Sully: J.Francis: J.Ratcliffe: A.Rondell: A.Clutton:  ..... N.Perrin: R.Roberts: I.Sanger: R.Jones:                                             SCORERS: J.Ratcliffe (3): J.Francis (3): S.Davies (2): P.Williams: A.Clutton: I.Sanger: R.Jones: M.Jones (3C):
7th May Machynlleth (L) 60 - 17 N.Perrin: P.Allen: D.Guard: T.Williams: J.Stott: P.Williams: P.Blakemore: M.Jones: R.Roberts: A.Clutton: S.Davies: D.Sully: J.Ratcliffe: A.Rondell: L.Cox:  ..... D.Wolfenden:       SCORERS: D.Guard: M.Jones: J.Ratcliffe (1T.1C):
23rd April Dinbych (L) 27 - 19 N.Perrin: P.Allen: D.Guard: T.Williams: I.Roberts: P.Williams: R.Platt: M.Jones: O.Turner: J.Gormley: P.Blakemore: J.Francis: J.Ratcliffe: TJ Wallace: J.Stott: ..... D.Wolfenden:       SCORERS: O.Turner: P.Williams: J.Ratcliffe (1T.2C):
20th April Welshpool (W) 32 - 3 D.Wolfenden: P.Allen: D.Guard: P.Williams: J.Stott:: P.Blakemore: R.Platt: M.Jones: O.Turner: M.Powell: T.Medcalf: J.Francis: J.Ratcliffe: O.Harry: L.Cox: ..... J.Gormley: N.Perrin:                                                                                                                      SCORERS: J.Stott (2): J.Ratcliffe (3):
16th April LLANIDLOES (L) 32 - 3 D.Wolfenden: N.Perrin: G.Bingham: I.Roberts: J.Stott:: P.Williams: R.Platt: M.Jones: O.Turner: M.Powell: M.Gasson: D.Sully: J.Francis: J.Ratcliffe: A.Clutton: ..... T.Williams: J.Morton: P.Blakemore: T.Medcalf:                                                                                             SCORERS: 
13th April WELSHPOOL (W) 71 - 5 D.Guard: P.Allen: G.Bingham: I.Sanger: J.Stott:: P.Williams: R.Platt: M.Jones: O.Turner: O.Thomas: O.Harry: D.Sully: J.Ratcliffe: L.Cox: A.Clutton: ..... T.Williams: N.Perrin: J.Francis: R.Roberts:                                                                                                                  SCORERS:  I.Sanger (3): L.Cox: O.Harry: J.Ratcliffe: N.Perrin: R.Platt: J.Stott: A.Clutton (2T. 1C): O.Turner (1T. 1C): M.Jones (1T. 1C):
9th April Abergele (L) 35 - 5 D.Guard: P.Allen: N.Perrin: J.Stott:: T.Williams: P.Williams: R.Platt: M.Jones: D.Bowen: R.Toberts: T.Medcalfe: A.Clutton:J.Ratcliffe: M.Gasson: L.Cox: ..... D.Wolfenden: P.Blakemore: I.Sanger:                                                                                              SCORERS:  A.Clutton:
6th April COBRA (L) 41 - 7 D.Guard: P.Allen: G.Bingham: I.Sanger: M.Jones: P.Williams: K.Powell: K.Harding: D.Bowen: M.Powell: O.Harry: D.Other: J.Ratcliffe: O.Turner: A.Clutton: ..... J.Stott:: N.Perrin:
R.Platt: R.Chadwick:                                                                                                   SCORERS:  J.Ratcliffe: O.Turner (1C)
26th Mar Dolgellau (L) 42 - 7 N.Perrin:P.Allen: G.Bingham: J.Stott:: M.Jones: P.Williams: R.Platt: I.Sanger: J.Gormley: D.Thomas: T.Medcalfe: D.Other: J.Ratcliffe: O.Harry: A.Clutton: ..... D.Guard: T.Williams: SCORERS:  I.Sanger: D.Thomas (1C):
19th Mar RHYL (L) 24 - 5 D.Guard: N.Perrin: G.Bingham: J.Stott:: T.Williams: P.Williams: R.Platt: I.Sanger: A.Wrathall: R.Chadwick: D.Thomas: T.Toberts: D.Other: J.Ratcliffe: A.Clutton: ..... P.Allen:  J.Gormley: M.Jones: K.Harding.                                                                                 SCORERS:  D.Thomas:
5th Mar Bala (L) 69 - 8 D.Guard: P.Allen: G.Bingham: J.Stott:: T.Williams: P.Williams: R.Platt: I.Sanger: J.Gormley: A.Wrathall: P.Blakemore: A.Clutton: J.Ratcliffe: O.Harry: M.Jones: ..... N.Perrin:     SCORERS:  M.Jones: J.Gormley: (1P):
25th Feb NEWTOWN (L) 25 - 20


D.Guard: N.Perrin: G.Bingham: M.Jones: R.Greensmith: P.Williams: G.Owen: K.Harding: A.Wrathall: R.Chadwick: M.Gasson: D.Thomas: J.Ratcliffe: O.Harry: A.Clutton: ..... T.Roberts: T.Williams: P.Allen: J.Gormley:                                                                                                  SCORERS:  J.Ratcliffe: K.Harding: A.Clutton: R.Chadwick (1C:1DG):
12th Feb ABERGELE (L) 33 - 16


D.Guard: N.Perin: G.Bingham: M.Jones: I.Sanger: P.Williams: G.Owen: K.Harding: D.Bowen: R.Chadwick: M.Gasson: D.Thomas: J.Ratcliffe: J.Gormley: A.Wrathall: ..... T.Williams: P,Allen: J.Stott: D.Griffiths:                                                                                                       SCORERS:  D.Griffiths: I.Sanger: R.Chadwick (2P):
12th Feb ABERGELE (L) 33 - 16


D.Guard: N.Prrin: G.Bingham: M.Jones: I.Sanger: P.Williams: G.Owen: K.Harding: D.Bowen: R.Chadwick: M.Gasson: D.Thomas: J.Ratcliffe: J.Gormley: A.Wrathall: ..... T.Williams: P,Allen: J.Stott: D.Griffiths:                                                                                                       SCORERS:  D.Griffiths: I.Sanger: R.Chadwick (2P):
5th Feb Bangor (W) 17- 11


D.Guard: N.Perrin: G.Bingham: J.Stott: I.Sanger: P.Williams: G.Owen: M.Jones: J.Gormley: R.Chadwick: M.Gasson: A.Clutton: J.Ratcliffe: L.Cox: O.Harry: ..... D.Wolfenden: T.Williams: R.Greensmith: R.Platt. 
SCORERS:  J.Ratcliffe: I.Sanger: R.Chadwick (2C.1P.):
15th Jan DENBIGH (L) 51- 14


N.Perin: P.Allen: D.Guard: R.Greensmith: I.Sanger: K.Powell: K.Harding: G.Noon: J.Gormley: R.Chadwick: W.Gauntlett: M.Jones: J.Ratcliffe: L.Cox: O.Harry: ..... M.Lewis: J.Roberts:                                                                                                                   SCORERS:  I.Sanger: R.Chadwick (2P.1DG):
8th Jan Llanidloes (L) 34 - 0


D.Guard: N.Perrin: G.Bingham: R.Greensmith: T.Williams: K.Powell: R.Platt: M.Jones: A.Wrathall: J.Gormley: W.Gauntlett: A.Clutton: J.Ratcliffe: L.Cox: O.Harry: ..... I.Sanger: M.Lewis: P.Blakemore:                                                                                                             SCORERS: 
11th Dec Newtown (L) 37 - 7


J.Stott: B.O'Malley: G.Bingham: R.Greensmith: T.Williams: T.Roberts: R.Platt: W.Roberts: O.Turner: J.Gormley: M.Gasson: M.Jones: T.Evans: L.Cox: J.Roberts: ..... I.Sanger:   SCORERS:  M.Jones: J.Gormley (1C):
20th Nov SHOTTON (W) 21 - 13


J.Stott: N.Perrin: D.Gard: M.Arenacz: T.Williams: I.Sanger: M.Jones: K.Harding: J.Gormley: R.Chadwick: J.Ratcliffe: A.Clutton: A.Wrathall: L.Cox: Owen : ..... G.Bingham: M.Lewis: D.Thomas:                                                                                                  SCORERS:  J.Ratcliffe: I.Sanger: R.Chadwick (1C.1P.1DG):
23rd Oct DOLDELLAU (L) 51 - 0


N.Perrin: M.Lewis: D.Gard: M.Arenacz: C.Burgoine: T.Williams: D.Edwards: K.Powell: O.Turner: J.Gormley: A.Jones: D.Thomas: J.Francis: L.Cox: A.Wrathall: : ..... I.Sanger: D.Wolfenden: J.Stott:: M.Gasson:                                                                              SCORERS: 
16th Oct Rhyl (L) 58 - 10


N.Perrin: M.Wright: D.Gard: M.Arenacz: T.Williams: J.Gill: G.Owen: A.Lowe-Sarsam: P.Edwards: N.Ravenscroft: M.Gasson: J.Ratcliffe: T.Roberts: W.Gauntlett: A.Clutton: ..... J.Stott:: J.Gormley:  French:                                                         SCORERS: M.Gasson: N.Ravenscroft: (1C.1P)
9th Oct RHYL (W) 24 - 21


N.Perrin: M.Wright: G.Bingham: J.Stott: M.Jones: J.Gill: K.Powell: G.Noon: P.Edwards: J.Roberts: J.Gormley: J.Ratcliffe: T.Roberts: L.Cox: S.L.Jones: ..... D.Gard: G.Agar: K.Harding: French:                                                         SCORERS: J.Ratcliffe: G.Noon: T.Roberts: N.Perrin: J.Gormley (1C): M.Jones (1C):
2nd Oct Bala (L) 17 - 13


D.Gard: P.Allen: G.Bingham: R.Greensmith: M.McLoed: T.Roberts: K.Harding: G.Noon: P.Edwards: R.Chadwick: J.Ratcliffe: A.Clutton: J.Roberts: S.L.Jones: A.Wrathall: ..... B.O'Malley: N.Perrin: T.Medcalf: J.Gormley                                              SCORERS: J.Ratcliffe: R.Chadwick (1P):
25th Sept COBRA (L) 8 - 3


I.Sanger: J.Gill: G.Bingham: R.Greensmith: M.Jones: T.Roberts: K.Powell: G.Noon: P.Edwards: R.Chadwick: J.Ratcliffe: A.Clutton: J.Roberts: L.Cox: A.Wrathall: ..... B.O'Malley: P.Williams: J.Gormley                                                                             SCORERS: R.Chadwick (1P):
18th Sept BANGOR (W)  29 - 6


D.Gard: P.Allen: G.Bingham: I.Sanger: M.Jones: J.Gill: K.Harding: G.Noon: P.Edwards: R.Chadwick: A.Clutton: J.Roberts: B.Cheesbrough: T.Medcalf: L.Cox: ...... B.O'Malley: K.Powell: P.Williams:                                                                                  SCORERS: I.Sanger: J.Gill: G.Bingham: A.Clutton: R.Chadwick (3C.1P):
11th Sept Newtown (L)  21 - 17 I.Sanger: P.Allen: G.Bingham: R.Greensmith: M.Jones: T.Roberts: K.Harding: M.Ward: P.Edwards: J.Roberts: A.Clutton: D.Cheesbrough: J.Jones: L.Cox: ..... D.Gard: N.Perrin: P.Williams: G.Noon:                                                                 SCORERS: P.Williams: R.Chadwick (1C.): 
4th Sept MACHYMLLETH (W) 29 - 17 D.Gard: P.Allen: G.Bingham: P.Williams: R.Greensmith: M.Jones: T.Roberts: K.Harding: K.Morris: R.Chadwick: A.Clutton: J.Roberts: R.Hughes: D.Cheesbrough: A.Wrathall: ..... D.Gard: J.Davies:  J.Gormley:                                                           SCORERS: I.Sanger: K.Harding: R.Chadwick (3C.1P)

Youth XV

Date Opponents Result


14th May Rhyl (W) 31 - 24

Wrexham Youth had to come from behind at Rhyl to defeat the Seasiders by 31-24 and claim third place in this season’s North Wales Division One Championship.

The game exploded into life midway through the first-half when Rhyl broke through to open the scoring with a converted try. Three minutes later, Wrexham outside-half James Price kicked a penalty to narrow the gap, but the home side quickly replied with another converted try to stretch their lead to 14-3.

Undeterred, Wrexham stormed back with their first try when lock Jamie Weston took a quick tap penalty and crashed over, Price adding the extra points with a neat conversion. Back came Rhyl with a penalty before the visitors replied with a try out wide by centre Owain Turner and another Price conversion. A minute later, the ball landed in the hands of Price from Rhyl’s kick-off and he ran it straight back to score under the posts before adding the conversion.

That gave Wrexham a 24-17 lead, which they held until half-time. Rhyl put in a big effort after the break but were rocked by a second try from Owain Turner after only five minutes of play. Price converted again from wide-out and, although Rhyl came back with a converted try in the 60th minute, Wrexham held onto their 7 point lead to claim victory in an excellent match.

Flanker Matt Evans did everything that was expected of a good back-row player while the big lock Ryan Jones carried the ball superbly to set up a number of attacks by the victors.  

7th May RUTHIN (L) 32 - 0

Wrexham Youth were knocked out of the North Wales Youth Cup at the semi-final stage by visitors Ruthin Youth, who delivered another powerful performance against their close rivals and won by 32-0 at Bryn Estyn Road.

The home side competed very well in the first-half of the game and created a couple of scoring chances without being able to capitalise on them. Prop Aaron Hughes unfortunately lost control of the ball as he dived to score. Skipper Declan Simms, playing on the flank, led by example and proved a thorn in Ruthin’s side until he had to leave the field with a facial injury.

Prop Szymon Galarowicz, operating in an unaccustomed role on the wing, proved to be a revelation when he continued to frustrate some of Ruthin’s attacking moves with some all-embracing tackles. The visitors are the class act in Youth Division One this season, however, and they eventually wore Wrexham down and scored the tries that earned them a place in the cup final.

23rd April Dinbych (W) 14 - 10 .
9th April Welshpool (W) 50 - 0

Wrexham Youth claimed a place in the quarter-finals of the North Wales Youth Cup with a 50-0 demolition of an under powered Welshpool side at Maesydre Recreation Ground.

The game was totally dominated by the visitors who raced to their winning total in only 50 minutes before the game was stopped under the competition rules. Number eight Dafydd Kember claimed a hat-trick of tries as a reward for a fine performance and there were single touchdowns from centre Josh Francis, lock Christian Burgoyne, wing Shaun Ferrari, full-back Nathan Jones and hooker Rob Evans who also put in an excellent effort.  

Outside-half James Price converted 5 of the 8 tries for his team who will have home advantage when they meet Denbigh Youth in the quarter-finals, the date to be arranged.

2nd April Ruthin (L) 56 - 5

Wrexham Youth had high hopes of matching the North Wales Youth Division One leaders at Cae Ddol but Ruthin pulled out all the stops in the second -half and raced to a crushing 56-5 victory.

Although they conceded an early try, Wrexham competed well for a period with skipper Declan Simms leading by example on the flank and number eight Dafydd Kember impressing at number eight. Kember crossed for a deserved try in the 25th minute to reduce the deficit to 2 points but then the home side changed the course of the game when they used their superior pace to great effect.

Ruthin established a 22-5 lead by half-time and then stretched away with 34 unanswered points to complete a notable double over their close rivals.

26th Mar BALA (W) 15 - 6

Wrexham Youth enjoyed their biggest victory of the season when they defeated visitors Bala by 50-14 at Bryn Estyn Road.

The first-half was an evenly balanced contest with the home side just edging it by 19-14 at the break, but Wrexham improved dramatically while Bala seemed to run out of steam in the second-half. Lock Jamie Weston and flanker Dafydd Kember grabbed a brace of tries apiece while centre Scott Jones, full-back Nathan Jones, scrum-half Tom Robinson and prop Szymon Galarowicz notched a try apiece.

Outside-half James Price converted 5 of the 8 tries and there were impressive performances from newcomer Haydn Kidd, who demonstrated his strength in the threequarters, and Galarowicz who provided extra thrust in the pack on his introduction as a replacement.

19th Mar Mold (A) (W) 15 - 6

Wrexham Youth defied their current form and won the local derby at Mold by 15-6, avenging a previous heavy defeat on their home ground.

Missing several key players, the visitors had to switch scrum-half Owain Turner to centre to form a new partnership with Nathan Jones. Mold pressed hard from the beginning and went into a 6-0 lead with a brace of penalties. Wrexham had chances to level the scores with penalty kicks of their own, but outside-half James Price failed to find the target.

Price’s sound work in defence was invaluable, however, and the visitors started to dominate the game. Their reward came towards the end of the half when number eight Dafydd Kember powered over for a fine try that Price converted to give his side the lead.

A second try from Kember extended Wrexham’s advantage in the second-half but they had to use all of their experience to keep the home side at bay and eventually close down the game. A late penalty from Price sealed it for the visitors in what was an excellent team effort coupled with a fine individual performance from Turner in his first appearance in the centre.   

11th Mar COBRA (L) 19 - 15

Wrexham Youth suffered an unexpected defeat when they conceded a late try in their floodlit Division One game in mid Wales and were beaten 19-15 by lowly Cobra.

The visitors looked set for victory after centre Josh Francis claimed a hat-trick of tries in a fast flowing game during which flanker Matthew Evans put in a very impressive performance. However, outside-half James Price failed to find the distance in his first game under floodlights and missed all 3 conversions.   

Cobra plugged away and kept in touch with 4 well struck penalties before they finally breached a determined Wrexham defence and scored a converted match winning try with only minutes remaining before the final whistle. Next up for Wrexham is a visit to Mold Youth on Saturday where they will face another severe test.

5th Mar RUTHIN (L) 56 - 9

Wrexham Youth Team suffered a mortal blow to their North Wales Youth Division One Championship hopes when they were humbled 56-9 by the current leaders Ruthin at Bryn Estyn Road.

Lack of match practice may have been one reason for Wrexham failing to match up to their close rivals, but mostly it was due to a difference in class on the day, Ruthin performing like a senior side. The home side kept going throughout, however, and made Ruthin pay for some indiscipline with 3 penalties from outside-half James Price.  

26th Feb Colwyn Bay (A) (W) 12 - 5 Wrexham Youth defeated Colwyn Bay Youth by 12-5 at Brookfield Drive to maintain the pressure on North Wales Youth Division One leaders Ruthin who visit Wrexham next Saturday.
19th Feb LLANGEFNI (A) (W) 21 - 7

Wrexham Youth bounced back into contention for the North Wales Youth Division One Championship with a well-worked 21-7 home victory over a competent Llangefni side.

There was, however, a shock in the third minute of the game when a Wrexham attack broke down in the Llangefni 22 and a visiting back intercepted before running over 80 metres to score under the posts. The simple conversion left the home side trailing by 0-7, but it wasn’t long before they managed to reduce that lead with a brace of penalties from outside-half James Price.

Wrexham then dominated play but could not find a way of crossing the Llangefni line until lock Christian Burgoyne used his considerable presence to crash over for a try just before the break. Price converted to put his side 13-7 in the lead but it took until the 50th minute before he was called on again, this time to attempt to convert a try by prop Aaron Hughes who had sprinted 30 metres to score.  

Price’s difficult kick fell wide of the target but he made no mistake in the 65th minute when he added a third penalty to his impressive tally and put the game beyond Llangefni’s reach. Aaron Hughes made a significant contribution on his return from injury and Nathan Jones won praise for his sound play, having made a switch from centre to full-back.

12th Feb MOLD (H) (L) 32 - 7

Wrexham Youth, out of action for a month due to adverse weather conditions, found it difficult to rediscover their usual momentum against visitors Mold and crashed to a 7-32 defeat at Bryn Estyn Road.

 Mold settled well from the start and held a deserved 17-0 lead at half-time as Wrexham struggled to shrug off their match rustiness. However, they performed much better after the break with wing Haydn Kidd making a promising debut and hooker Mike Moore returning to the side after injury. 

The forwards produced a powerful drive towards the Mold line mid-way through the half and  number eight Gruffudd Jones made no mistake when he picked up the ball and powered over for Wrexham’s consolation try. Outside-half James Price added an angled conversion. 

15th Jan Caernarfon (H) (W) 13 - 13

Wrexham Youth Team maintained their title challenge for the North Wales Youth Division One Championship with a hard-earned 12-7 home victory over recent leaders Caernarfon. The game was evenly matched throughout with Caernarfon establishing a first-half lead with a converted try.

Within five minutes of the start of the second-half, Wrexham drew level when prop Szymon Galarowicz used his strength, pace and determination to power over for a try that was converted by outside-half James Price. With hooker Jonathan Huxley and lock Christian Burgoyne making a big impression against a very good visiting side, Wrexham searched for the winning points.

They came from an exciting passage of play that started when number eight Gruffudd Jones picked up the ball from a ruck inside his own half and then sprinted 60 metres upfield. He was hauled down by a defender just before the Caernarfon line, but his momentum carried him over for a memorable try. After that, the visitors mounted a terrific onslaught in the Wrexham 22, but the home side did just enough to hold on until the final whistle.

8th Jan Bala (A) (W) 13 - 13

Wrexham Youth managed a 13-13 draw at Bala in their first North Wales Youth Division One outing of the New Year. It was an amazing contest where, as soon as one side pushed into the lead, the other levelled the scores two minutes later.

Hooker Rob Evans dived over near the corner to put the visitors in front in the 10th minute and outside-half James Price did well to kick the conversion from wide-out. Bala came back with a converted try two minutes later but Price then kicked a penalty in the 25th minute, only to have it cancelled out by a similar effort from the home side.

With the scores level at 10-10 at the break, Wrexham worked hard to get in front again in the second-half with Gruff Jones proving a real powerhouse at number eight and Pete Atkin showing up well on the wing following his return from university. A 60th minute James Price penalty appeared to have won the game for the visitors but once again Bala levelled the scores two minutes later with another penalty.  

20th Nov Rhyl (A) (W) 17 - 14

Wrexham Youth were missing a few regulars in their non-league game at The Waen but still managed to come home with a narrow 17-14 victory over the current league champions.

They opened the scoring in the 20th minute with a powerhouse try from their big lock Christian Burgoyne and a conversion from outside-half James Price. Minutes later, they stretched that lead with an unconverted try from centre Josh Francis to reach half-time with a 12-0 advantage.

Their game plan in containing Rhyl with a strong forward performance worked well and it wasn’t long after the restart that Burgoyne ploughed through the home defence to notch his second try of the game. Rhyl kept plugging away, however, and suddenly opened up the game with two converted tries within three minutes.

The visitors battened down all the hatches with Josh Francis and number eight Gruff Jones delivering excellent performances, and they clung on in a nail biting finish to avenge Rhyl’s narrow win in another friendly game at Wrexham last month.

13th Nov Colwyn Bay (W) 28 - 8

Wrexham Youth had to come from behind and struggled at times against a good Colwyn Bay visiting side, but once they had found some cohesion in the second-half they pulled away to record a 29-8 victory.

The visitors opened the scoring with a 35th minute penalty before Wrexham replied with an unconverted try by lock Owain Jarvis who latched on to the end of a smart handling movement and scored wide-out. Outside-half James Price missed the difficult conversion but was on target soon after the break when he kicked a penalty.

Colwyn Bay continued to offer stiff resistance and levelled the scores in the 58th minute with an unconverted try. Two minutes later, however, Wrexham reclaimed the lead when centre Josh Francis scythed through to grab a try that Price converted.

Soon afterwards, replacement wing Aaron Davies outpaced the flagging Colwyn Bay defence to touch down in the corner with Price landing the conversion from the touchline. With replacements Jonathan Huxley and Syzmon Galarowicz bolstering the Wrexham pack, the game reached an exciting conclusion with a second try for Francis and a final conversion for Price.        
16th Oct Llangefni (W) 27 - 10

Wrexham Youth were in impressive form at Llangefni where they defeated the hosts by 27-10 in a fine open game. Flanker Owain Jarvis powered over from a line-out to claim the opening try in the 25th minute, Llangefni then replied with a penalty but a well struck penalty by outside-half James Price ensured that Wrexham reached the break 8-3 in the lead.  

Five minutes after the restart, scrum-half Owain Turner nipped through for an excellent try, converted by Price. With number eight Gruff Jones making a big impression on his return from injury, the visitors went further ahead when wing Ryan Crump touched down in the corner from a sparkling handling move.

In the final quarter Tom Robinson, who had a storming game at full-back, wrong footed the home defence in another well worked back movement and scored near the posts. Price added the extra points with his conversion before Wrexham piled on replacements and Llangefni claimed some consolation with a neat converted try.

9th Oct RHYL (L) 23 - 17 Rhyl Youth emerged as narrow 23-17 victors of a friendly fixture at Bryn Estyn Road to avenge a recent league defeat at the same ground. Centre Josh Francis grabbed two tries and Matthew Evans claimed another touchdown for the home side who failed to rise to the high standard of their recent performances. Nathan Jones added the conversion.
2nd Oct COBRA (W) 10 - 5

Wrexham Youth made it three wins in a row when they overcame visitors Cobra by 10-5 in a close North Wales Youth Division One game at Bryn Estyn Road.

Starting off well, Wrexham suffered the frustration of missing out on two clear scoring chances by taking a wrong option in one case and dropping a pass in the other. Cobra grew in confidence and ensured that the match remained scoreless and well balanced at half-time.

Eventually the home side gained the opening that they had been seeking to create when flanker Dafydd Kember made a break in the 55th minute, centre Josh Francis carried it on and then wing Scott Jones touched down wide-out. Outside-half James Price added the extra points with a difficult conversion.

Nathan Jones kept the game boiling with his powerful runs through the centre and it wasn’t long before Price kicked a penalty to put his side at least two scores ahead. Cobra refused to buckle, however, and gained some consolation with an unconverted try ten minutes before the end of a keenly fought contest.    

25th Sept RHYL (W) 33 - 21

Wrexham Youth demonstrated that they are becoming a force to be reckoned with this season by defeating reigning champions Rhyl by 33-21 in a North Wales Youth Division One contest at Bryn Estyn Road.

 Lock Jamie Weston stretched over the Rhyl line to claim the opening try in the 6th minute and outside-half James Price made a successful debut as a goal kicker by landing an angled conversion. Although Rhyl countered with a breakaway try and a conversion to level the scores, the home side soon stretched away with touchdowns from wing Peter Atkin and centre Tom Robinson, Price adding both conversions for a 21-7 half-time lead.

18th Sept DINBYCH (W) 15 - 10

Wrexham Youth claimed their first victory of the season when they overcame visitors Denbigh by 15-10 in a closely contested North Wales Youth Division One encounter.

Tom Evans set up the first try for his centre partner Nathan Jones in the opening half and then Evans got on the scoresheet himself with a neat touchdown to earn his side a 10-0 half-time lead.

Denbigh countered after the break with a converted try and then levelled the scores in the final quarter with a penalty. Four minutes from the end, however, Wrexham kicked a penalty into the corner and a catch and drive move from the ensuing line-out enabled flanker Owain Jarvis to squeeze through for the winning try.

Other players who stood out were lock Anthony Westgarth in the line-out, prop Aaron Hughes in the front-row and hooker John Morton in his last game before heading for university.   

12th Sept WELSHPOOL (W) 34 - 0 .
5th Sept Rhyl (L) 17 - 7 .

2nd XV

Date Opponents Result


23rd April MOLD (W) 17 - 12 .
2nd April Llandudno (W) 56 - 5 .
2nd April Llandudno (W) 56 - 5

Wrexham Seconds made it five victories in a row when they overcame visitors Llandudno Seconds by 37-24 in a Division Four contest.

Scrum-half John Gormley kicked the home side into a 9-0 lead with 3 well struck penalties before Llandudno shook them by replying with a converted try. With former Youth Team player Jake Edwards making a big impression at prop, and lock Tom Williams making Llandudno turn with his long runs, Wrexham soon dominated the game again.

Centre Scott Davies and number eight Keir Harding scored a brace of tries apiece, all of them converted by the on form Gormley, before Llandudno narrowed the gap with a couple of consolation scores late on.
26th Mar Mold (W) 17 - 11 .
12th Mar RHOS (W) 51 - 35 .
5th Mar DINBYCH (W) 11 - 0 Wrexham Seconds completed a league double over their Denbigh counterparts with an 11-0 home victory. Full-back Sion Lloyd-Jones grabbed an unconverted try and outside-half Carl Pugh landed two penalties.
5th Mar DINBYCH (W) 11 - 0 Wrexham Seconds completed a league double over their Denbigh counterparts with an 11-0 home victory. Full-back Sion Lloyd-Jones grabbed an unconverted try and outside-half Carl Pugh landed two penalties.
19th Feb Caer Borderers (A) (W) 69 - 7

Wrexham Seconds picked up a last minute league fixture with Caer Borderers and celebrated with a return to form and a decisive 69-7 victory.

Team Manager Pete Blakemore opened the scoring with a typical hooker’s try from close-in and the points soon piled up with hat-tricks for wing Gareth Bostock and centre Andy Clutton who was returning from injury. Other touchdowns came from wing Kevin Trousellier, lock Jason Parry, prop Danny Wolfenden and outside-half Roger Chadwick who also kicked seven conversions.

There was disappointment for flanker Keir Harding who was heavily engaged in the action but had two ‘tries’ disallowed. It was a good team effort that won the day for Wrexham and lock Tom Williams stood out for his excellent performance in an outstanding pack.  

22nd Jan Ruthin (H) (L) 44 - 5

Wrexham Seconds fought hard but were outclassed 5-44 by visitors Ruthin Seconds in a North Wales Second Team Championship game at Bryn Estyn Road.     

The home side dominated up-front in the first-half but lacked the finishing touches needed to reward their efforts with scores. The visitors had no such problems and moved the ball swiftly through the hands to open up the home defence on a number of occasions.


Wrexham’s consolation score came mid-way through the second-half when flanker Phil Williams and lock Joss Stott combined to send their French winger Kevin Trousellier scampering over to a fine try wide-out. Williams was making a welcome return after long term injury and number eight Dean Griffiths also made a useful contribution in a determined home display that deserved a closer scoreline.       

12th Jan Glyndwr U (H) (L) 29 - 21 .
8th Jan Abergele 2 (A) (L) 36 - 3

Wrexham failed to shine against a powerful Abergele Second Team and started off the year with a 3-36 away defeat. Lacking their regular pack, the visitors struggled for possession and conceded 17 first-half points, their only reward being a tremendous penalty from the half-way line by centre Dave Thomas.

27th Nov Colwyn Bay (L) 29 - 8 .
30th Oct Denbigh (W) 12 - 5

Wrexham Seconds clawed their way back from a 0-5 half-time deficit at Denbigh Seconds to overtake the home side and claim a 12-5 league victory.

Having let in an unconverted try due to a mistake before the break, Wrexham came out firing on all cylinders in the second-half with exciting breaks by full-back Andy Clutton and wingers Sion Lloyd-Jones and Adam Jones. Poor finishing let them down, however, until outside-half John Gormley spotted a gap and levelled the scores with a well-worked try.

The introduction of Youth Team flanker Dafydd Kember made a big impact and the visitors forged ahead when prop Ian Sanger, returning from injury, forced his way over in the final quarter. Centre Dave Thomas added the extra points with a well-struck conversion to set the seal on a hard earned success.  

2nd Oct RHYL (W) 50 - 0

Wrexham Seconds, resplendent in new kit supplied by Central Station and Williams Financial Services, produced a stunning performance to see off visitors Rhyl Seconds by 50-0. Tries came from lock Iwan Roberts (2), number eight Jason Parry (2), flanker Richard Platt, centre Mike Randle and lock Joss Stott while outside-half Dave Thomas enjoyed a near faultless day by kicking 6 conversions and a penalty.

There was an impressive debut from hooker Martin Scott and a good all round display from wing Adam Jones. The team wished to thank young helpers Gareth Parry and Jake Jones who helped with the team drinks and kit.     

25th Sept Ruthin 2 (L) 32 - 0

Wrexham Seconds, despite limiting wind assisted Ruthin Seconds to a 5-0 lead at half-time and dominating possession in the second-half, fell victim to breakaways and finished up 32-0 losers at Cae Ddol. Flanker Richard Platt proved to be a real powerhouse for the visitors until he had to retire with a shoulder injury just before the break. Outside Sion Lloyd-Jones was also on top form and the Wrexham pack delivered an excellent performance even though the scoreline didn’t reflect it.

19th Sept COLWYN BAY 2 (W) 66 - 7

Visitors’ Colwyn Bay Seconds gamely arrived with only 11 players for their Division Three contest against Wrexham Seconds and therefore had to concede the league points. However, the home side entered into the spirit of things and lent players to the Seasiders before playing out a friendly fixture that Wrexham won by 66-7.   

Flanker Wayne Roberts, centre Richard Hughes and flanker Sion Lloyd-Jones grabbed a brace of tries apiece while there were single touchdowns for winger Jake Davies, lock Richard Greensmith, outside-half Dave Thomas and centre Rhys Jones who also scored a try when playing in Colwyn Bay colours. Thomas converted 7 of his side’s 10 tries while John Gormley added one more to the home tally.    

11th Sept CAER BORDERERS (L) 30 - 15 .
4th Sept ABERGELE 2 (W) 41 - 5 .

Vets XV

Date Opponents Result


5th Mar Macclesfield (L) 33 - 8 Being slightly under strength upfront Wrexham were were out muscled never really got going. Macclesfield controlled the game throughout though Wrexham did have a period of pressure but were unable to take couple of scoring opportunities.

Gareth Sanger & Kerry Powell played well with Kerry scoring a try. Rich Lloyd kicked a penalty.
15th Jan Chester Vets (W) 25 - 22
A last minute penalty by outside-half Ross Roberts sealed a 25-22 victory for Wrexham Veterans over their Chester counterparts in a floodlit game at Bryn Estyn Road.
In a well contested match, the home side led by 12-8 at the break through tries by wing Barry Lewis and centre John Roberts with a conversion by full-back Darrell Hughes. A further try by replacement scrum-half Kelvin Bryan at the start of the second-half put Wrexham in the driving seat, but Chester came back strongly to lead through a brace of converted tries by their skipper Andy McAdam.  
The home side then switched to forward power and levelled the scores with a great try from lock Mike McLeod. With John Roberts making a big impression in all areas, Wrexham pressed hard and finally got their reward when Chester transgressed in the final moments and outside-half Ross Roberts celebrated his 50th birthday by kicking a match winning penalty.
20th Nov Chester Vets (W) 32 - 0

Wrexham Vets agreed to help out their cross-border rivals Chester Vets who were left without a game when their scheduled opponents cried-off last week. A strong Wrexham Vets side took the field at Vicars Cross and finished with a comprehensive 32-0 victory.

Wing Sion Lloyd-Jones grabbed a brace of tries while full-back Darrell Hughes, wing Richard Weston, centre Anthony Lang and outside-half Richard Lloyd claimed a try apiece, Lloyd also kicking a single conversion. Centre Derek Edwards was voted Man of the Match.  
16th Oct Macclesfield Vets (W) 24 - 19 Wrexham Vets were delighted with their 24-19 home victory over Macclesfield Vets, particularly as the visitors hadn’t conceded any points previously this season. Tries came from scrum-half Kelvin Bryan, flankers Danny Munro and Llyr Williams, and lock Mike McLeod. Outside-half Richard Lloyd crowned an outstanding performance by kicking two conversions and the forwards drew praise for their efforts, especially in the second half.
9th Oct Manchester Vets (L) 43 - 31

Wrexham Veterans were slow out of the blocks at Manchester and gifted the home side 19 points before closing the gap and falling to an eventual 31-41 defeat. Once the powerful visiting pack started to win possession, Wrexham took the game to Manchester with flanker Dave Morris powering through for a hat-trick of tries. Number eight Iwan Roberts claimed another two scores,  outside-half Darrell Hughes landed three conversions but two late breakaways settled it in favour of the home team.

18th Sept Aspull Vets (L) 42 - 17

Wrexham Veterans suffered a 17-42 defeat in Lancashire against Aspull Veterans who were a well-organised side and had some pace out wide. Having trailed by 0-24 at half-time, the visitors came back after the break with a hat-trick of tries from prop Kevin Griffith, who was outstanding throughout. The Wrexham team was indebted to the keenness of flanker Jason Fletcher who travelled up from Bristol to play for them.       


RESULTS 2009/10

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